Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fuck my ear infection

Alright, since I'm awake right now
because I don't dare to drip the medication into my earrrrrr, I thought I would just blog for a bit and continue tomorrow when I wake up. So here's the thing, a few days back, the insides of my ear along with the soft bones around the area have been giving me a hard time. It's sore, excruciating pain aargh. 

Ok maybe not so
horrible. But the sore is real, and the pain is absolutely FRUSTRATING. 
It's been a few days and I figured something was wrong, even suspecting that maybe something was living inside. O_O I was in fear all the time, so I forced myself to see a doctor and yes, I mean nothing living inside, but I'm diagnosed with ear infection aargh!!!!!!!

Ear infection due to
excessive ear digging actually LOL. Yea I know this sounds sooooooo fucking stupid. But I, indeed have a habit of digging my ear just for the feel of it AND because I always think that it might be dirty. So the whole time the doctor just went like, "there's nothing in your ear! Stop digging!". 

So now I learned my lesson ah.
I won't dig my ear for nothing anymore. T_T 
Don't wanna suffer another infection lol. Horrible enough! Apparently, I can't sleep properly cuz I can't lie down on one side AND, I can't even chew my food properly because opening my mouth and chewing food can be pretty painful.

It's so annoying because, 
I love food, who doesn't!!! AND I love to sleep but now I can't really because I'm afraid of the pain when I sleep on my sides ALSO, because I'm afraid to drip the ear drop thingy lol. Sorry la kiasu!!!! ): This whole infection thing just makes me feel so lethargic, and SICK all the time. 

PLEASE PLEASE let me recover soon. 
Inside of my ear is aching so bad!!! FUCK EAR INFECTION AHHHHHHHH (*$)(#^$)@&*^#$)*&#^)$!!!!!!!!!! :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ 

Ok end of rant. 


because I've been falling sick over and over again the past week with fever, flu and what not, I didn't update this space, I'm really sorry. I feel bad because I've so much to write in my mind but I just can't because I feel so fucking sick. Believe me I've quite a few things to talk about too. 

If you followed me for along time,
 you would actually know that my immune system is extremely horrible and I fall sick real often. WEAK. I know. I wish I can quickly get my remaining work done and stay well and healthy again HAHAHAHHA. 

That's what I tell myself
ALL THE TIME when I fall sick. Things like, "I'm gonna drink 8 cups of water everyday and stay healthy I promise." HAH, nonsense!!!!!! LOLOLOL. 

Anyway, I'm
still thankful that nothing is living in my ear and that I'm living in a country where I have access to good medication so I can be treated. Also happy that I get to spend time with my sisters & baby niece today! ^^ 

I wanna blog more
about what happened the past weeks except for the parts where I was unwell and all so.... I'll continue to blog tomorrow when I wake up!!!!! Dread popping pills. T_T 

Gonna go try and
drip the medication in my ear now.... hopefully it's not painful. ): 


UPDATE: OK, the drips into my ear didn't really hurt and it was easy. But the pills..... SERIOUSLY FUCK MY LIFE. I took 25 minutes to convince myself to swallow the pill. Since young, I don't ever swallow pills as much as I can avoid. I would even opt for injections than to pills. Aargh somebody should've recorded it HAHHAHAHAH cuz it was so funny, I was crying and whining to my sister and making weird noises cuz I seriously couldn't bring myself to swallow the pill. Ok super stupid hahahahha another war tomorrow. NIGHT!