Friday, 12 December 2014


Alright, super got feel to blog
right now at 3:43am in the morning while my babe's sleeping but I guess I'd just go to sleep right now and blog later when I wake up hehe. Lazy girl is really so lazy! Anyway I can hear my dog entering my room and licking his paws, that means he's ready to sleep so I should sleep soon too. HAHHAHA NONSENSE OK GOODNIGHT PEEPS I WOULD BLOG TOMORROW, MUA! 

Wow. Turns out I'm only blogging
more than 24 hours later HAHAHHA. Ok I have my reasons, since I slept late, I woke up late too! So the moment I woke up, it was already nearing evening and I had to meet my boyfriend to have dinner at his dad's place today!

Anyway, just gonna update in
this space of mine on what I did the past week! Couldn't do much since I was down with an awful ear infection which I would talk more about later, but first, let me talk about what I did today! ^^
Like I was saying, I had dinner earlier on with Justin, his dad & Justin's twin sister!!!

And this is of course, the only picture
I took when I was having dinner with them. I resisted myself from taking too much pictures just now because Justin's father finds it odd that I'm almost always taking pictures of my surroundings, food and even selfies. But then he soon realised that it was for my blog HAHHAHA and of course because I already love taking pictures!

It's better to take more pictures
to keep rather than regretting not taking any at all. But that's just my opinion!
Whoa anyway, the dinner was damn good!!!!! Food is ultra good, I miss healthy home-cooked food so so much.. Ever since my mom passed, I didn't really had any unless my dad's girlfriend cooked.

And honestly speaking,
I liked her cooking initially because it's really rare for me to be able to eat foods that are really savoury or oily. Yes, now you know, my dad's girlfriend cooks really oily food and it's of no surprise that over time, I sort of got sick of it... Of course, I still am grateful that AT LEAST my dad's girlfriend is still willing to cook for me etc.

But I've to say I'm really not
suited to eat salty/oily food everyday lol. Especially when my mom was still alive, my meals were all very healthy and more towards to bland side. Ok end of food rant!!!!!! Don't get me wrong!!! I am still thankful that I've food to eat at least.

Back to topic,
it was my first time over at daddy chan's place and I guess I felt pretty awkward but I swear the awkwardness is only 5% of what I was feeling. The other 95% goes to feeling thankful, blessed, happy and feeling fucking lucky. I swear. I felt so at home, so at ease and so blessed to be able to sit down with them and just have simple dinner. Peacefully.

Little things like that
makes me happy. I've to say that being able to appreciate things like this is also a blessing. Thank you papa chan for inviting me over for dinner. T_T ♥

On a side note, papa chan's husky - Sheba is super cute!!!!

Right after dinner, Justin and I
headed over to my sister's place and together with my sis' husband, we went to Changi Airport's Swensens for dessert while they had their late dinner there! ^^
Yayers! I love family time! ♥

#SELFIE before dessert. :D 

Got myself waffles
with butterscotch ice cream x butterscotch sauce!!!!! Honestly didn't like the waffles, hard af and not tasty at all. (Or maybe I just don't know how to appreciate it!) But I love the ice cream and everything else!!!!! ♥.♥

I stole my brother-in-law's carrots HAHHAHAHA
 Speaking of carrots,
I miss BBQ-ing baby carrots! I know it sounds damn weird to bbq baby carrots, but I swear, barbecued baby carrots are super good. :D

Simple Thursday just ended like that for me.
More contented and happy than ever! Just in case you're wondering why my blog title states Friday, it's because I'm blogging at 5am in the morning and I'm damn excited it's Friday already. Awesome!
Ok so now it's time for me to throwback to what I did the past week, just using the pictures I have as guidance!!!

Took this picture at RWS
Hard Rock Hotel the other day when my ear is still hurting like mad. I was freezing like mad that night and had such a hard time sleeping in the hotel room!!!! Was there with my siblings and a few others, didn't adjust the temperature because I was afraid the rests would wake up because it's too warm for them haha.

Next morning all of them
went to swim at the private pool for hotel users but I couldn't join them due to my ear infection! So all I did was sat by the pool side, took care of my ultra cute baby niece and played with sand. O_O

Don't mean to scare you but yes
that's my naked face with filters and shit hahahhahaha. No idea why my eye bags was so fucking horrible in the morning but I guess I always wake up looking like this!!!! Super ugly but the puffiness  around my eye area sort of goes away after awhile!

Baby Jayzel! ♥♥♥♥
Oh yes and I wasn't lying
when I said I was playing with sand. Trust me, I was playing with sand for a pretty long time and did this:

Please take a minute to appreciate my hard work.
HAHHAHAHA ok kidding!!!!! But I think this picture actually looks kinda nice okay!!! Hahaha anyway the best thing that day was probably being able to spend time with my siblings, especially my bro since he can only book out on weekends!

We had Astons that afternoon and all of us ordered root beer float. :D

Baby Jayzel was also
making all of us laugh that day because we realised she likes to 'kiao ka'!!!! YEA SHE LOVES TO PUT HER LEGS ON THE BABY PRAM. Watch the video above and you'd get what I mean!!!!! Hehe just wanted to share this with you guys!!

Moving on, later that week
I also had dinner with Justin's father, his twin sister and her boyfriend at Grand Hyatt!

We went to an italian restaurant
 and I've to say they serve super tasty salads! Choice of salad is really wide as in, you pick whatever you want to have in your salad and match with your own choice of sauce. We had salad for free that day because it was before 7pm! (If I'm not wrong.)

 Sorry didn't take picture
of the salad because I gobbled up everything real quick and I had a mountain of salad with lots of broccoli hahahahha.

Oh right, here's a salad pic!!!

Anyway I ordered this(the one above).
I didn't really like it because it was SOOOOOOO crazy salty! Everyone tried and said so too. But the service of the restaurant is really top notch. Not so much of being 'atas' but the fact that the person serving us the whole time was sooooo kind.

She changed the pasta for
me immediately when I said it was too salty AND she also explained to us why the pasta was salty (anyway it was probably meant to be also). Really, love the service! ^^

I ended up having
papa chan's share instead! (The one above)
Because since the pasta was salty and I really couldn't take it plus I didn't wanna order something else! I love what he had though, it's more towards to bland side but I love it! Anyway he actually touched the pasta before but knowing that I wanted to take pics of it, he sort of arranged the pasta again HAHAHHAHA super cute. Thank you papa chan! ♥

Justin's twin sis asked for cheese and whoa the waitress came with one ultra huge piece of legit cheese and started shredding it hahaha.

Accompanied papa chan
around Tangs for awhile after dinner but left soon after because Tangs closed really early that day!
After we left, Justin and I went to have some yogurt! ♥_♥

Mega love yogurt.
But I ended up throwing the yogurt away after a few mouthfuls because I was in a really foul mood.... all because of my ear infection. You've no idea how much the ear infection affected me, it ruined my mood and affected my speech. I also couldn't speak or chew for a long time. I was already feeling a lot better that day compared to when the infection first started BUT, my speech wasn't getting any better.

Thank god it's better now!!!! T_T
I've to thank my boyfriend for tolerating me always.. no one knows how bad I can get (mood), only him hahahhaha. ♥♥♥♥

We actually went to
play LAN that day LOL! I guess it's good to play LAN once in awhile, we left after about an hour or so since we planned to head over to his place for XBOX after LAN. But we ended up noming on seaweed once we're home hahahhaha. Pigs!

Omg yes!!!
I almost forgotten that we spammed selfies that night when we were queueing for koi before playing LAN HAHHAHA.

OK finally no more selfies of us hahhahha.
Next!!! I also went to JB, Malaysia about 2-3 days back with my two sisters, Mike and my fav aunt!!!! ♥ We went in to visit some of my relatives there and also mainly because we were invited over for one of my cousin's baby shower!

Went in first thing we did,
EAT! Hahahha, I actually ate in the car cuz my second sis got me waffles omg I love her. T_T ♥
Anyway, does anyone love 'black noodles' like me?! Omg I love it and I used to have it very often whenever I visit Malaysia! Or any nice ones in Singapore to recommend? Let me know please! Would love to try!

I caught you. fav aunt. ♥ Hahaha she was still saying, "Don't take pictures of me secretly ah!"

Granny! ♥

Second sis and fav aunt. ♥
After the gathering and all the
chit chatting, we went for leg massage!!!! I WAS SO DAMN HAPPY I LOVE LEG MASSAGES SO MUCH!!!! Usually I go for 1 hour leg massage and 1 hour full body. But that day we all just went for 1 hour leg massage only!

It was honestly VERY PAINFUL.
But I guess that's the thing about leg massages that keeps me going back for more! I sort of enjoy the pain I guess? It's really 'shiok'! HAHA. The funniest part is where it's so painful and sometimes intolerable/itchy, I just continue giving the poker face to the masseuse cuz I just didn't wanna lose face HAHHAHAHA. There was a few times where I laughed though.

But I was laughing at my phone
so the masseuse probably thought I was laughing at my phone and not because it was itchy or painful hahahhaha. Anyway massage is super cheap, about 40RM - about SGD17 only!!! I always go to Fizzio! Right after massage, the usual routine is to have seafood. Yes.

I don't get to have
seafood very often, so.... I guess you roughly know how happy I was that night HAHAHHAHHA.
And selfies after food!!!! ♥

Okay that's about all!!!!
I really didn't do much the past week except suffering from horrible ear infection! :@
I missed two days of drip and antibiotics. Am I dead? ):

Anyway, gonna blog another
post right now!!! Just remembered I did mug cakes with my babe and don't wanna put it in the same post!!!