Friday, 12 December 2014

Mug cakes! ♥

Okay!!!! Back with another post. :D 
Few days back I happen to chance upon a YouTube video that teaches people how to do super cute & pretty looking mug cakes and I thought, RIGHT, since the ingredients are so simple plus I have easy access to them, why not, just try making some mug cakes too!

And yes, your guess is right.
The mug cakes are done by using microwave, NOT oven. 

I told Justin about it
that day and right after dinner that night, we headed over to the nearest supermarket and got all the ingredients we need! We got home, displayed all the things we need on the dining table and a sudden thought just flashed my mind. I thought, why not compete against each other, make our own batter and which of our mug cakes turns out better! 

HAHHAHA and yes so Justin
and I competed against each other in making mug cakes that night.

Justin's batter mix with chocolate chips inside!

My batter mix with rose colouring and sprinkles! ♥

Ready to go into the microwave! 

YAYYYYY! Mine turned out looking pretty decent but Justin's one..... HAHHAHA SORRY B I HAVE TO SHOW THEM YOUR WORK. 

HAHHAHAHA ok sorry b I just find it so funny that your batter mix just microwaved all over the mug LOL. He was so reluctant to let me take a picture of it!

Added some sprinkles on top for design but surprisingly added some interesting texture to it too!

Super spongy cake! It's kinda dry though!

I had fun! ♥
It's really crazy easy
to make and honestly doesn't take long. It can be a little messy though! Isn't exactly tasty but I guess it's the process that is interesting AND addictive too. Just in case you're wondering which video I saw, you probably already seen it too! It's all over Facebook! Anyway the video is below, check it out if you want: 

Have fun making mug cakes!!!! ♥

P/S: Anyway I also come to know that my boyfriend is very competitive when it comes to making mug cakes. HAHAHA