Wednesday, 17 December 2014

B for Blank.

This sounds a little weird,
but every single time I'm about to blog, I feel all happy and energetic EXCEPT one thing that I dread doing always - thinking of post titles LOL. Yes, I can NEVER think of a proper title for all my blog post and I would just be stuck on this page for fucking ever just because I can't think of a title. 

I mean sometimes it just 
comes to me naturally that ok, the blog post title is gonna be bla bla bla. But most of the time I just can't think of anything at all! It's easy to think of a title if you're blogging about just ONE thing. But most of my blog posts are just about my boring life & thoughts, nothing else. 

So yea, that's why it's 'B for Blank'...

Today's selfie!
Wore this plaid jacket out today for the first time, hehe I'm soooooooo crazy in love with it! I came across it on Carousell and Justin bought it for me hehe thank you bao!!!!! ♥♥♥ I really love it! It's so comfy and oversized hahhahaha yayers!!!! I can see myself wearing this jacket a lot more often now. Speaking of jackets, my studded jacket is still at Alicia's place. O_O

I woke up crazy late today.
Say, about 7pm? My body clock is screwed big time.. haven't been able to sleep at night and always only fall asleep in the morning!!! ): I was so lazy to get out of bed even... But yea I just forced myself to prepare and then head off to Vivo because I already promised my eldest sister to meet her and my second sister today!


It's so nice to just spend time
with your siblings even though you're not doing anything interesting. Thank god I didn't allow my pig mode to just nua at home or I'll never forgive myself for flying them aeroplane HAHHAHAHA. And of course, I had my breakfast/lunch/dinner all together over at Mos Burger with them earlier on!

Not sure if it's just my luck or what,
but there was actually a strand of hair inside my drink and I only discovered it after sipping 3/4 of my milkshake LOL FML!!! The service of this particular cashier that served us sucked anyway. My second sis was hopping mad because that dude's attitude was soooooo horrible and is SO DAMN FUCKING SLOW.

Imagine waiting for him
for 15 minutes just to clear ONE order. Then when it's our turn, his attitude was so bad and made me repeat my order like 38974598374  times just because he wasn't paying attention. What pissed me off the most was that the lady beside him who opened another counter to serve, already took orders for THREE FREAKING CUSTOMERS AND I AM STILL THERE WAITING FOR HIM TO KEY IN MY ORDERS. LOL TELL ME HOW NOT TO BE MAD WHEN WE WERE ALL SO HUNGRY.

But it's ok.
I mean after all I got my food and I enjoyed my meal then yea, no big deal! I wasn't as pissed as two days ago though, when I had my dinner at Anchorpoint's XWHK Cafe lol. I will move on to that later but first, pictures taken today! ^^

Second sis with my baby niece. ♥

After Mos burger,
we headed off to the 'usual hang out place' over at Coffee Bean! We ordered some cakes and just stayed there for awhile to chit chat and bitch about people lol! No, not really, 80% talking about life, 10% bitching HAHHAHA.

Selfie with baby Jayzel @ Coffee Bean! ♥_♥

Also selfie with Yanyee (my friend from Jteam), I happen to see her at Coffee Bean as well! :D 
 LOL and I sent
this picture into my 'Jteam group' group chat and told the rest of my team mates that I met up Yanyee secretly without them hahahhahaha. That wasn't my idea though. :p

That was pretty much my how my Tuesday went!
Rewinding back to the last weekend, Justin came over my place to do mug cakes AGAIN (which I blogged about previously) and spent the rest of my weekends with him over at his! ^^

This time, we changed up
our mug cake recipes a bit! So Justin did some banana brownie cake while I tried making strawberry cake! (Which btw failed HORRIBLY at first try.)

And tadaa!!!!!!!
Justin's banana choco mug cake turned out REALLY REALLY DELICIOUS.

Sure it doesn't look enticing but
fuck it's damn mouth watering la!!!! Ok maybe to exaggerating, but it's really so damn good since it was the first time he tried doing the banana one. Besides, he actually did some changes to the original recipe that we got off YouTube!

Whereas my first take
on the strawberry turned out to be shit. YEA. SHIT! I'm not even kidding, when I opened the microwave, I was so confident that mine would turn out pretty okay and maybe even better than Justin's SINCE, I mean the previous time we did it, mine was obviously better than his!

But guess what,
it turned out to be a huge fucking mess. The batter overflowed and stained the microwave plate etc etc etc. The cake wasn't even cooked lol. I was so fucking upset and in shock so I quickly tossed the horrible failed mug cake away while Justin just kept laughing. Stop gloating! :@

Feeling upset that Justin now have
a good mug of cake to devour, I decided to do it AGAIN. This time, I removed the artificial strawberry flavouring from the batter because it's totally smells like medicine. EW. I also avoided adding any fresh strawberries into the batter because, I realised it was a wrong move!

So what I did was,
I followed my original recipe (the funfetti one), except that I omitted the rainbow sprinkles, added some rose colouring and microwaved it! It turned out good so, I carefully removed the cake out of the mug, separated it into three portions when layered it back into the mug WITH whipped cream and strawberries this time in between each layer.

Then, I top it off
with a single strawberry, whipped cream and sprinkles! ^^ :

Tasted like normal cake,
just that I personally felt it was a lot better than the funfetti one because whipped cream was added, hence there was more flavour to it! Hahahaha it was fun! I strongly recommend whoever that is bored to try making mug cakes. YouTube tutorial is on the previous blog post!!!

That night, I headed
off to Seng Kang to get some stuffs done and only went to his place late at around 130am, I was whoa omfg crazy famished and thank god, Justin immediately heat up the Laksa that his helper cooked for us earlier on that night. Thank you so much baby!!!!! T_T ♥

I swear his helper's cooking
skills is like up there HAHHAHAHA. The Laksa super sedap!!!!!!!!!!! I polished off every single bit of it. Most of the time when I head over to my babe's place, I'm 50% looking forward to alone time with him and 50% looking forward to eating what his helper cooked.

Sometimes Justin will just go like, "Hey b wanna hang out over at my place tonight?"
Me: "No."
Justin: "Anna cooked."

HAHHAHAHA a glutton will always be a glutton.

We spent the whole night
watching dramas on xinmsn and talking nonsense lolol! We woke up so late the next day that it was already dinner time! Or rather, I woke up late hahhahaha. Problem was, it was his helper's off day so... no food at all!

Being hungry af, MUAHAHAHHA
we instantly became chefs and we whipped up simple dishes that evening :D

Yes, accompanied with channel 8 drama and XBOX afterwards!
 Hahahha also can I say
I really really detest Romeo's character in the channel 8 drama omg. Both Justin and I kept bitching about him when we were watching the show!!!!! Of course la, we don't dislike Romeo himself, but the character he was playing, whoa swear you're not human if you didn't feel like punching him in the face after you watch the show HAHAHA.

Justin had a good evening
spending his time laughing at how lousy I am at XBOX games. -____-
Received some Estee Lauder makeup from J's mommy that night, hehe feel so lucky and loved by the both of them! ♥

Justin's mom is the best.
Modern, pretty af even at her age, crazy open minded to even sheesha with us (blogged before) and she is just so so amazing. I dropped her a text last night telling her how much I appreciate having her around etc and today, she replied mainly telling me that she'll be there whenever I need someone to talk to etc. I feel so thankful and I can't wait to see her on Friday!!! ♥♥♥♥

Ice cream treat from baby's mom that night! ♥

Justin slept like a log that night.
I couldn't sleep till 6 in the morning and 2 hours later, it was time he wake up and head to work. I was left all alone at his place and was snoozing like a pig till his helper came into the room cuz she actually cooked & made hot tea for me. T_____T Thank you baby and Anna!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Super huge serving!

And polished off every single bit of it. Okay. Maybe not the meat. 

Was being a nice girlfriend, made his bed and packed his room before I left his place for mine! :D 

When I reached my place,
I was so filled with love that afternoon again!!!! I missed my dog SO SO SO SO SO FUCKING MUCH during the weekends and he just kept running to me whenever I called for him that day!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Posted this video on my Instagram, was recording one of the times where he came to me hehe:

Aww I love you fluff ball!!!!!! ♥_♥
(Bear with me, crazy obsessed dog owner at work.)

Spent the whole afternoon/evening
playing with my 8 year old spitz and simply waited for Justin to end work! Justin came over to my place right after work to fetch both my dad's girlfriend and I to Anchorpoint for dinner! While waiting for my dad to come over, I decided to take a look at the shoes in Charles & Keith since they were having sales!

After a good 10 minute or so,
found a pair that I really love but I couldn't bear spending money to buy a pair of shoes since I already got two pairs from there last week and... Baby got it for me. HAHAHHA aww thanks love, always showering me with love and gifts. ♥♥♥ Please don't stop ok. :D

 Dad joined us shortly after
and we settled at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for dinner. Yea, this is the upsetting part that you've been waiting for. Remember how earlier on in this post I mentioned I was really pissed at XWHK Cafe? Lol, if you followed me on Twitter, you would've known I was ranting like a mad dog.

All because they served me shitty hot soya milk.

This is not funny, it's not ridiculous or anything.
I cannot emphasise how much I value customer service and the importance of it. Personally, I've done a few jobs under the service line and I've ALWAYS ALWAYS been polite and with smiles all day. All because I enjoy it, I enjoy making people happy, I enjoy being at my best and I think IT IS IMPORTANT TO GIVE GOOD SERVICE AT ALL TIMES.

Okay, as usual,
I went to XWHK Cafe because I love their hot soya milk. I've always returned for their soya milk because it's the best and tastes really good. Even my friends say so! I've been drinking it for years so I obviously know how it should taste like.

But that day,
their soya milk was so fucking horrible that it tasted almost like plain water. So fucking diluted and I continued to try the remaining two cups that my father and his girlfriend ordered. Guess what? Same. Tasted horrible. I was so disappointed I immediately turned to my boyfriend and said, "this. is. shit."

So we called for one
of the waitress and she handled it really well, the manager came, I told him my concerns etc and handled it REALLY well as well. Replaced three new cups of soya milk for us and when I tasted it again, cb I swear it's like shit. I have no idea how to express my anger and how horrible it tasted.

The person who served us (a PRC),
later said that it's a new recipe or some shit that they just decided to serve today. Lol, what the fuck. She continued to say that the soya milk has always been like that. Imagine how pissed I felt when I know clearly something is wrong. EVEN, EVEN IF the soya milk served isn't at it's best, should taste almost like water? NO.

I'll never go back for the soyamilk again.
Or maybe I will, to see if it returned to normal lol.
There's actually a lot more things I wanna say about that one girl with bad attitude that served us but save it, pointless ranting on and on about her. Okay I promise but here's one last rant, SHE FUCKING GAVE ME THE WRONG ORDER AFTER THE SOYA MILK INCIDENT. Did not apologise. Ok. I take it that I was just unlucky that night.

So never mind!!!!!
At least we came home to my cute fur ball who later decided to snuggle in between Justin and I hehe:

Anyway that night
I was suddenly overwhelmed with loads of negative thoughts. Things like, not being good enough, not improving as a person and so much more.... Justin was supposed to go home early that night but knowing that something was wrong, he decided to accompany me and actually spoke to me till 4am in the morning.

We had long honest talks.
Really really honest talks. I'm so thankful we had that talk. (:

Was about to end this blog post until I remembered
I actually took a video just now with my webcam!!!!! Should I upload it tomorrow? Or should I not upload it at all? Let me know please!!!! I need decisions!!! Hahaha anyway goodnight owls! ♥