Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Xmas!


First of all, Merry Xmas all of you! ♥ 
Could've posted this post earlier but I thought I would just share something awesome with you guys on Christmas today itself! Honestly speaking, my skin is relatively-okay. Meaning to say, I feel alright with my skin, not much problems, but I just don't feel fantastic about it. I own quite a bit of skin care but most importantly, I just can't seem to find a brand of facial mask that I would actually wanna commit to using them on a long term basis! 

So for Christmas...
@secretstogoddess sent me masks to try out which are featured on beauty shows! Of course, I felt happy to be able to try out new masks but a part of me was afraid that maybe, it'll end up like the other masks that I own - where I use them once, and never purchase them again. All because they are all pretty 'normal' and I would always be tempted to buy new masks to try in hope that I would find a better one. You feel me? ): 

I'm sooooooooo elated and excited to share with you guys what facial masks they sent me!!!! It could possibly be the next facial mask that I'll commit to using on a long term basis. It is the LAXKA gold & silver mask pack!

Thank you @secretstogoddess for sending me both the silver and gold edition to try! ♥

As you can see, the packaging is super adorable, comes in tube form! :D 

Hahahha ok this is
gonna be a long post, but believe me that I just wanna share with you guys how much I'm starting to fall in love with the laxka masks!!!! I now admit that I'm super mountain tortoise because I've never tried using any facial mask that comes in glass tube form, so this is a new thing for me and I absolutely love the idea of it! 

Fancy stuffs aside, 
I would now quickly introduce & walk you through the usage of Laxka gold facial mask first! 

Laxka Gold

Simple gold packaging packed with five golden glass tubes inside! :D 

A quick summary of what the laxka gold
does it that, it helps in whitening & hydrating our skin. Also lightens dark spots and pimple scars!!!! They also have an active ingredient in the mask which slows down ageing skin and promotes skin metabolism! [I will conclude what it does at the bottom of the post so don't worry!]

How to use Laxka Masks: 

Step 1: Get your tube of Laxka mask and tweezers ready! [Tweezers provided in the package itself.] 

Step 2: Twist and remove the cap of the glass tube!

Step 3: Remove the stopper after the cap! Love how there's a stopper inside so it prevents the essence from leaking and drying out! :D 

Side track a bit, yes the tube of mask is very generously filled with tinted gold essence!!!!! ♥
Step 4: Use your tweezers to retrieve mask! 

Step 5: Not exactly a step but tadaa! Here's your laxka gold mask! 

And first thing I did? Test smell!!!! HAHAHHA. Thank god there's no unpleasant smell or anything! Can't stand facial masks with bad smell so laxka is fine! :D 

P/S: You obviously do not apply the mask with makeup on, this is just a demonstration for you. 

Whoa when it comes
to using the laxka mask, I must say it's really quite impressive! Here's why:
I'm NOT even kidding when I say it is generously filled with essence. I actually thought it was too much and I felt I was wasting so much of it! The mask also has this silk-like texture which I really really love/appreciate because I hardly come by any that feels like this.... So fine and ultra thin!  

Not the best part yet but 
I simply cannot stop singing praises of the laxka mask!!!! I am so impressed by how the mask fits onto my face so perfectly as if it's my own skin! Not to mention, I realised the mask is non drip formula, meaning to say, the essence doesn't drip from the mask while I was standing up AT ALL. 

This I can prove,
because I personally used the mask without makeup and I was using my computer the whole time when the mask was on my face for thirty minutes. At least I can say, NO DRIP in that 30mins and the mask still shockingly grabs onto my face so well the whole tine. I didn't even have to adjust or touch it. O_O

I also have to mention
that I noticed the mask is actually pretty wide and since I'm really petite, I naturally have a smaller face than most people! So I really hate it when facial masks never ever fits onto my face, but this surprisingly does even when it's bigger!!!! Pretty sure it'll fit most people then! :D 

Moving on to the essence itself:

Mmhmm! The essence is amazing! 
Smoothing and totally refreshing the moment it touches your skin! I won't say it feels completely different from other commercial facial masks, but there's something about the essence that I realised when I took the picture above!

As you can see,
the essence was all over my hand and so after taking the pictures, I conveniently rubbed the essence and spread it over both my hands like a hand lotion. Not long later, my hands absorbed the essence! (or maybe it just evaporated, I'm not too sure.) The point is, I went to wash my hands afterwards because I expected my hands to have a soapy after effect, but guess what? 

No soapy after effect on both my hands at all!!!!! 
It's amazing! I love how laxka doesn't give the soapy/sticky after feeling! Some masks have that effect and it bothers me sometimes! And remember the part where I said I love how the glass tube has it's own stopper in it? I heard that you can store the remaining essence in the glass tube and use it as a daily skin care product too!!! How convenient!

Laxka Silver

If laxka gold isn't tackling your problems,
then maybe Laxka Silver will! I personally prefer the laxka silver even though the gold one seems more attractive because it's gold lolol. HAHAHA, okay reason being, I have very dry skin! I use a lot of whitening products (which are mostly very drying) and don't really have the habit of drinking water! Therefore, my skin always feel so dry and dehydrated.... as if I'm suffering from sunburn lol! If you're like me, read this part!

Laxka silver targets at people like me
with dehydrated skin and helps in deep moisturising which claims to be highly effective. It repairs dry skin, protects sensitive skin and also a few other factors which are similar to the laxka gold. Such as - whitening and anti wrinkle!

So I guess the laxka silver
is more suitable for me since my skin is definitely more towards the drying side plus I would wanna whiten my skin at the same time! Sounds too good to be true BUT, I'm glad I gave it a try. I won't be able to guarantee now that it'll give me crazy fantastic results like ultra good skin overnight, but I do feel and see some differences right after using laxka! :D

In my very honest opinion,
this is by far one of the best facial masks I've ever tried. This could potentially be my new love for the next few months!!!! And I actually feel really happy to be able to do an advert for a brand that I now really love! ♥

In summary what both laxka gold & silver masks does: 

Like I said!!! If you've
dry skin like me, I suggest you to use the laxka silver. Whereas if you're slightly older or think you're ageing pretty fast, have oily skin or somehow just love the colour gold, then go for the laxka gold! ^^

Thank you @secretstogoddess once again for sending me the laxka masks, one step closer to better skin! ♥

To purchase laxka masks or any other masks you might be looking for, hop on to @secretstogoddess on Instagram! They ship worldwide! 

Just in case you're wondering how
much it costs for a box of laxka mask, it is SGD60 including postage fees!! Each box has 5 tubes x 1 tweezer! I personally think it might be a little pricey, but I definitely love laxka masks now. All I have to say is, you really have to try it to know what I mean!

P/S: Just in case you're purchasing laxka masks, I recommend you to clean the tweezers before using for the next tube as germs can easily transfer! Also discard tweezers and don't use it for the next pack since every pack comes with new tweezers! ^^

Just before you go,
you might wanna check out the laxka mask being featured on this beauty show!

Alright! Time for me to go!
Once again, Merry Xmas everyone and enjoy your day! ♥♥♥♥