Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy 2015! ♥

OMG hi guys!!!!
Been quite some time since I'm here blogging away! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!!!! It's been a pretty good year for me and I am definitely very thankful for all the opportunities given to me along the way in 2014. To my new followers of 2015 and those before, thank you SO SO much for sticking around!!!! Thank you so much guys. Really!!!! (': 

I sincerely wish that 2015
would be a fruitful year for all of you! ^_^ 
I have so much more to say but I guess I'll skip it anyway, otherwise this entire blog post would be so wordy & boring!!! HAHAHA. Anyway am really exhausted but super ultra happy now! I had a great day (which I will update at the bottom of this blog post which is a bit personal as well.) 

Alsooooo, I'm heading down to
J7IMAGE to get my hair done tomorrow!!!! Omgggg finally!!!! Can't wait to see what Jeft is gonna do to my hair! :D Just gonna start off this blog post with TONS of selfies, starting from the day where I went for MousetrapTV's office warming! YES, we moved to a new office! :D 

Let's go!

#cabselfie that day! 
I was supposed to wake up
early that day to meet my friend Alandrea but we ended up only meeting at 3pm HAHAHHA all because I was sleeping like a log! We met at Far East Plaza and that goes without saying, we had lunch first! I was starving LOL. Food before everyone else! :@ 

Secretly took a picture of Alandrea heheheh sorry b ♥
 Anyway just in case you're curious,
Alandrea and I are friends for about 4 years now! She's one of the only 3 close friends that I have and we don't meet often at all. It's amazing how we don't meet, don't text but every time we meet each other, we're still as close. I have the exact same relationship like this with my best friend as well HAHAHA. 

So yes I was damn fucking elated to see her!!!!! T_T 
Bet she was too! HAHAHA damn thick skin. I have to admit though that I was a little upset last year on my birthday because she didn't turn up etc but it's okay!!!! She's always buying me gifts all the damn time and honestly I never bought her one HAHAHHA sorry Alandrea. 

Speaking of gifts, she got me one that day! :D 

We settled for a wanton mee stall and it's so damn good!

Hehe the present I was talking about! She got me something that I've been looking for and am currently using now! Thank you b! ♥
I was spazzing like mad 
about how amazing it is that she knew exactly what I needed when I never told her!!! T_T 
Same goes to my BFF, my BFF also got me stuffs that I needed on my birthday omfg.... I'm so thankful that I'm blessed with this two!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ 

Took this picture because Alandrea was helping me with the drinks and what the fuck she filled it to the brim! I was shocked because who the fuck does that? HAHAHAH I don't though! Do you? 

I had the chicken while she had the fish fillet mee!
 It's actually really good. 
I don't think their mee is any nicer than the graffiti cafe's one BUT one thing for sure is that, THE SOUP IS DAMN NICE. We asked for soup and whoaaa this is for sure the BEST wanton mee soup I've ever tried. It looks normal, no extra ingredients, no wanton or anything, but it just tastes damn gooooooood! The mee itself is normal! 

Right after lunch,
we did a bit of shopping and Alandrea suddenly wanted to get a haircut LOLOL. She's always like that! Always so impromptu and unpredictable, but I guess that's what I love about her too - the fact that she's so spontaneous. (: 

Of course, we went to J7IMAGE!

My hairstylist fixing her hair! ♥
J7IMAGE was crazy busy that day
all of the sudden. Probably because everyone's rushing for CNY's haircut!!! Right after the haircut, we rushed off to MousetrapTV's office warming already because we were running late annnnnd we had to pick Luna up on the way too! 

Alandrea joined us
for the office warming and just as I thought that maybe the new office might disappoint her... I'M DEAD WRONG. I LOVE THE NEW OFFICE! ♥_♥ It looks super artsy in my opinion, super relaxing and feels like home! Almost every spot is suitable for OOTDs and we now even have a gaming room! Can't wait to go back to office soon! Yes, just to chill hahahhaa! I totally regretted not bringing my normal camera lens wtf T_T !!! 

Anyway, this is the point where we started
spamming pictures like crazy! Didn't take pictures with the other Mousetrap bloggers because I guess I was too.... occupied with Alandrea I guess? Hahahha. So beware! Crazy amount of selfies from here onwards! I actually only posted like 40% of the pictures only haha. 

Eye bags no chill. 

Selfie even with the figurines in the office! ♥ Haha and look at Psy LOL. 

Chilling on the couch while everyone else are having fun! 

In case you're wondering why there are pegs at the back, it's because that day we took polaroids and hung them up there!!! ^^ 

Setting the camera right and..... SELFIES AGAIN!

Lying on the floor and totally don't care because no shoes allowed! HAHAHHA

SMILING WITH TEETH HAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHA. This pic is so funny though. I wish I was more famous so someone can sponsor me invisalign!!! LOL, cannot smile with confidence. Maybe that's why people always think I'm damn dao cuz I hardly smile lolol. 

I think this is my favourite pose. 

 Hahhaha on a side note,
I didn't even have to photoshop Alandrea at all! I'm secretly jealous of people who can look good without editing/photoshopping! So envious! Unlike me, I have to rely on editing apps or photoshop occasionally. Honestly, somebody sponsor me a nose job and v shape jawline and I'll be set please. Don't know how long I have to even save for this two procedures. Am I even saving anyway?! T___T 

Suddenly wanting to try the man selfie. 

Which I totally couldn't stand HAHAHHA

Scratching my leg LOL. Wanted to take OOTD outdoors that day but didn't have time! Was wearing marble skirt from editors market and long sleeved blouse which I've had for a long long time! 

Sorry babe, I've to post this because it's so hilarious. What makes you think I wouldn't attempt to take a picture of you when you're closing your eyes for even a second? HAHAHHA 
Speaking of secretly 
taking pictures of her, I actually have a lot of unglam videos/photos of my friends HAHAHHA. Likewise, they have mine too! I remember during 3D2N Bintan, I took videos and pictures of Lindsay and Alicia sleeping!!!! Luna too!!!! HAHAHHAHAH. Fml, they have more unglam pics of me actually! 

Okay!!!! Enough pictures for
office warming day! To summarise, I had a lot of fun, heart to heart talks with some of the MousetrapTV girls, we even stayed there till about 2AM! Or 3? I can't remember! I'm so glad that I get to talk more to them in the end because initially I felt awkward! And thank you Alandrea for accompanying me till late as well, get well soon too please! T_T ♥

Fast forward to countdown day, 
guess who I met to countdown? ♥ It's Alicia!!!! Ehehehe. Initially I don't even have plans for countdown wtf. I was actually already planning to stay home and just sleep it away or like feel sour that I'm counting down alone LOL. 

But Alicia was so nice she invited
me to countdown along with her and her friends!!!! Thank you bb!!! T_T ♥ 
I was really so fucking happy to be able to see her though, there's not a time where I don't feel excited about meeting her I have to say. ^^

#cabselfie again to Alicia when I was on my way hahahhahha 
 OMFG it's 2:30AM already?! Okay gonna
speed up my blogging speed and faster head to sleep or I will be late for my hair appointment tomorrow!!!! So anyway we counted down at one of the bars at Holland Village! Surprisingly, it was actually quite happening HAHHAHAHA. A lot of angmohs!!! 


Too lazy to photoshop or edit so here goes! Thank you ah Alicia, take so many ugly shots of me HAHHAHA. 

Ehehe also grabbed pics from Alicia's twitter! ♥

Didn't take any pictures after that!
It's so true that our faces are bored as fuck at 11:59pm and 12:01am. Except that at 12am we were high for a bit that's all HAHAHA. It got a bit boring after that since everyone there at HV are like dead zombies cause nothing to celebrate anymore. So we decided to head over to Clarke Quay and went inside Vice! 

I suppose Vice is a new club?
It was my first time there that night! We only went in at about 2 I think. Just a few of us! I swear the music and atmosphere is absolutely amazing. Am very impressed with what they show on the multiple TV screens as well, super sexual so I guess that sort of hype up the mood to dance or something. But didn't really dance at all because I didn't drink! 

But I had fun with Alicia still!!! ♥
It's cool how as long as you're with the right company, it doesn't really matter if your plans sucks LOL. Anyway yes it was damn difficult when it comes to booking a cab that night?! IT'S FLOODED WITH PEOPLE EVERYWHERE LOOKING FOR CABS! We were damn lucky though, about 20mins into booking, I got a cab! Heng!!!! 

Fast forward again to today: 

Today's selfie! ♥

Hehe yeap, as you can see,
I headed to Genki Sushi @ Bugis + today! It's my second time at Genki Sushi and I still cannot get over how cute their moving train is. For those who have not been there, basically you order through an iPad and once you submit your order, it comes quickly in a few mins time on a super cute train which holds the plates of sushi or whatever and the train on the track (with the food you ordered) then stops right beside your table!  

All you have to do is,
take the plates, put it on your table and press a button that is blinking and the train goes right back to the kitchen and ready to bring/receive your next order. Ultra cool right?! If my explanation doesn't make any sense to you, then ok you know you have to try it HAHAHA. The food is good!!! ♥


Taking the food off the mini train that serves my food hahhha yes we ordered a lot. 
Okay, time to get personal. 
Well today.... I arranged a meet up with someone whom I had conflicts with. Lots of misunderstandings between us. It started about a year ago I guess? It started all from a simple, "she badmouthed you in the lift." lol. Okay so we didn't really successfully clear that up and along the way we had even more misunderstandings of each other and of course, it accumulated and I started to dislike her even more. 

Also due to some other issues,
I started to be pretty mean to her. Ignoring her when she says bye to me or sometimes even talking to her in a very nasty way. These few days I've been thinking a lot... I know I don't want this. Due to some reasons, we have to see each other pretty often with the rest of our friends and I really do not want to continue having this tensed up atmosphere whenever we meet, or friends thinking we would start quarrelling anytime. 

I know I'm not wrong about her,
but I also know I am partly at fault. It's my mistake for not listening to her side of the story, it's my mistake for treating her badly even without giving her a chance to explain, it's my mistake to be mean to her because who said I am right? Who said I could just be mean to whoever I like, and if so, what's the difference between me and a BULLY?

YES. That crossed my mind.
I felt like a fucking bully and it's so fucking disgusting. I just wanna mend things, do something, admit my mistake and you know, start to know this person more, clear up our misunderstandings and maybe, a new friendship would flourish. Upon meeting her, I knew that some of my friends wouldn't like it. But I felt it's only right for me to do so. I'm disappointed at myself that I took so long to understand that not everyone is the same. 

And I'm glad I did. I'm glad I spoke to her today. (:
It makes me happy! Very happy in fact. To be able to clear things up, to feel relieved and to know that I can see her in the future without getting pissed. I'm truly very thankful! Don't ask me who is it k!!! Also... people have been asking about me being single. There's nothing else I would like to say about my relationship status. I'm single and moving on with life, it's all good now so yup!!! ^_^ 

Anyway have a perfect day ahead guys!!! 
I just wanna say thank you to you. For whatever reason it might be and thank you for being here at least. ♥