Friday, 9 January 2015

Wah!Banana's First Episode of 2015!

Yay! Chatting with my second
sis right now and blogging at the same time. This is one of the best feeling ever. Midnight talks with my siblings are simply enjoyable.. I mean after all, I hardly see them so naturally, we talk less too. I was having a talk with my eldest sister earlier on as well and I realised how much she needs us (family's support).. 

Sometimes I'm just really worried about her.
Okay!!! Moving on to happier stuffs! Recently I filmed with Wah!Banana for their first episode of 2015 and it's up on their YouTube channel now! :D 

Filmed at the Third and Sixth bistro bar located at 36 seah street! ^^

Some group pictures that day! :D 

Fish got all of us sticky candies! 
Lunch with the bananas! I love them! They're all such nice people T_T ♥ 
Thank you Lingyi for treating us to lunch!!! 

Wanna know what happened to the cakes? Watch the new Wah!Banana video! ^_^ 
Really just so thankful to be able
to work with them! After all, I've always wanted to be an actress HAHHHAHAHAHA ok don't laugh. I know it's damn naive because I can't really act plus I'm not pretty and short. But that's really my ambition since I was in primary school ok!!!! :@ 

Right after filming that day, 
I headed off to Harbourfront to meet my sisters for dinner! We had Pizza Hut. :D 


Selfie with the second sis! 

I love the pepperoni pizza & I'm getting fat.
I don't know how some people are so hardworking that they can work out on a regular basis just to keep fit because I'm so lazy!!! T_T OK I PROMISE I'M GONNA GO EXERCISE SOON AND GOODNIGHT GUYS!!! Celebrating a friend's birthday tomorrow! ^_^

Anywayyyyyy suddenly
I just feel like talking more because my second sis just told me I should start knowing what I want in life. It's great to know that she loves & cares for me and all but sometimes it stresses me out. It's a good kind of stress though. I do have plans... but there are just so many things that I can't do because I didn't do well academically.

It feels as if everywhere you go
in Singapore, it requires you a cert. And not just a cert BUT A GOOD ONE. A cert with GOOD results at least... I have to admit that I'm kinda loss on what to do and how to go about achieving what I wish to do. I need guidance. I will work hard I promise.

It really scares me to
think about my future. To know that maybe I can't support myself & my father. To feel like a really useless person who isn't capable of anything at all. Someone who just can't study. Is is just me or what? It's so weird that almost everything is determined & based on how well you do in school. You mean nothing else matters? As long as you do well in school get good grades and you're all set??

If you don't do well academically does that just mean you're stupid?
Does our opinion matter at all? Would anyone hear us out? Is there a way for us to survive in this society? MUST we live the typical life and choose the typical route and always be safe?

Suddenly I'm thinking about all the
'clever' people and how some of them look down on the rests who didn't do well in school and just think so highly of themselves omg so gross. Thank god the educated people I know are mostly very humble and willing to teach & give very helpful tips/advices. ^_^