Sunday, 11 January 2015

On rainy days we eat KFC curry rice bucket

Hahaha that's what my mom would say to me right now if she's still alive. 

My body clock is completely screwed right now, 
considering that I only woke up at 5pm today! I slept only in the morning yesterday since I was watching 'The Best I Could' on xinmsn with my sis hahaha. And yea I posted a super funny video onto my Instagram before I sleep, gonna post it at the end of this blog post as well! ^^ 

 Anyway, I was out the whole of 
yesterday because my friends and I threw a late birthday celebration for our friend, Arron.
And since Grace is also going for the celebration, we decided to meet at 313 first before joining the rests at Suntec City that day! 

Was running late but still took a bus anyway since town is pretty near my place and to save money LOLOL
I swear the amount of
money I spend on cab every month is insane! Really need to quit the habit of cabbing around.... I need to stop being lazy and make the effort to wake up earlier. T_T The moment I reached 313, Grace told me we're gonna try out Honey Creme today since neither of us tried before! 

And TADAA!!!!
I obviously picked the cotton candy one! It looks damn cute la, but I almost ordered the one with coffee LOL. Heng I never! Really not the type that can 欣赏 coffee. So Grace ordered the same as mine and whoaaa when our ice cream came... I was secretly hoping the Grace would take the one that seems like it has less cotton candy on it HAHHAHAHHAA. SORRY I AM SO GREEDY! 

But yay!!!! She gave me
the one with more cotton candy on it hahhaha sorry la I really very greedy. I don't know if you guys are like me, but I'm really the kind that is secretly afraid that someone would come eat my share... LOL. So if you see me eating outside, I no pang chance one.. I confirm eat non stop and that's why I look even more jialat when I eat HAHHAHAHA. K la kidding la I also quite generous with my food one ok. With loved ones only HAHA. 

Yay!!!! My cotton candy looks fluffier than Grace's! Sorry ah Grace. x: 

Just in case you're wondering,
we were both quite shocked that there weren't any queue at all! It's just right in front of 313's taxi stand so if you're one of those mountain tortoise like me who haven't tried it yet, here's one in town!! 
Anyway damn funny cuz the moment I saw our ice cream I immediately said, "No! Don't eat yet!!! TAKE PHOTO FIRST." 

The cotton candy melts
pretty fast so if you wanna take photo better be quick like us lolol. 

#selfie with the huge cotton candy. :D 
 Couldn't stop taking pics
of it until I realised my cotton candy suddenly become so small lol! :

笑到那么开心啊!Hehe ^^ 

No, the cotton candy isn't sticking to my face. 

In my opinion,
if you're someone who likes very plain and light ice cream which has a bit of milky taste to it, go for Honey Creme! I really like it though, because it feels really light and plain and extremely creamy & thick. Even though it's served in a really small cup but I didn't finish it in the end! It's quite a huge serving considering that it fills the entire cup. 

However, if you're someone
who likes ice cream to be more flavourful, then I think it's gonna disappoint you. But maybe try the one with honey! (That's what I'm gonna try next.) On a side note, I was shocked that the cotton candy actually has this salty after taste to it. Quite refreshing and unique!!! But really very hard to eat with the ice cream la!!! Speaking of Honey Creme.... I must confess I haven't try llaollao yet! ):

I love yogurt! 
I have to try llaollao one day! But the queue is never ending la!!! T_T 
After leaving honey creme, we headed for Suntec City straight and met my boss and friends for Arron's belated birthday celebration!!! Surprisingly everyone reached on time! 

We took a long time
to think about what to have for dinner but eventually settled for Swensens @ Marina Square!

The butterfly shrimps are so good!!! 

Ehehe I ordered the Crayfish pasta!!! Really quite good! ♥

Go everywhere also need to take some selfies hahahhaha! 对不起, please tahan my narcissistic-self ok!!! 

Anyway, everyday I'm
just really glad that I don't have anyone that I particularly dislike now. Especially someone that I have to see often. In case you're wondering why I'm saying this, it's because, I used to dislike Grace. But believe me that I don't anymore and I'm not gonna hide it.. In fact I'm proud that I don't have any hard feelings towards her. You have no idea how good it feels to have one more friend! It feels really good to forgive, to take some time to understand someone else, to reflect upon your on actions and to admit your mistakes. I'm thankful that both of us gave one another a chance to know each other again. (:

Okkkkkkk I always
side track and talk nonsense but anyway that night we went to play arcade and sang kbox HAHAHHAHAH. I didn't really sing at all cuz my voice sucks and it's so gross wtf HAHHAHA. I wish I was blessed with a nice voice and have the ability to sing and all but sorry I can't. ): 

That night we also had
supper at the famous Feifei wanton mee!!!! My phone died so I couldn't take pictures of it but whoaaaaa fuck my life the wanton mee damn spicy lor!!!!!!! It doesn't have vinegar or anything, so it's pretty plain if you don't mix in the chilli. (you're supposed to add it in.)

I didn't really add
the chilli at all, because I already know I cannot take chilli what! But my bowl of noodles were already stained with a bit of chilli sauce etc... The fried wanton damn nice by the way. Overall it's a bit oily but it's damn savoury!!! Not the usual wanton mee. OMFG SUDDENLY FOR A SPLIT SECOND I SMELL THE WANTON MEE LOL. Why is the human brain so weird. 

Moving onnnnnnnnn!
I AM DAMN FUCKING HAPPY BECAUSE I FINALLY MET ALICIA AND LINDSAY THAT DAY. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ This is a bit embarrassing but I always tell them I miss them and force them to say the same back to me out of fun hahahahhaha. I love you girls!!! We send tons of pics to each other almost everyday so this is one before I left the house to meet them that day: 

I was telling them how my shorts just won't stay because it's too loose hahaha. 
We were supposed to
take pictures that day, but the moment we left the toilet after our toilet selfies, it was raining cats and dogs outside! Pouring like mad! We were damn disappointed la cuz we need the sunlight to take pics and Lindsay was like, "why the weather always so indecisive one?!" hahahha poor thing. 

Anyway spamming toilet pics here and I didn't bother to photoshop or edit anything cuz I'm too damn lazy today and I think I look ok. HAHHAHA now you know I'm also very very thick skin. 


Is it weird that 
when you think about your friends, you're just filled with so much love within? Because that's how I feel all the time... Whenever I think about them, my BFFs, my other friends and my loved ones, I'm always filled with so much love within like it's spilling out cuz it's to the brim already HAHAHA. I truly feel so thankful and blessed everyday to know that I have awesome peeps around me!

Also because we met at
313, we had to get to Cineleisure for the KFC rice bucket and we seriously ONLY want to eat KFC rice bucket that day for lunch. But guess what? Only Alicia brought umbrella.... Hahahhaha smart girl ah!!! Anyway side track a bit, there was once I was taking pics outside and it was drizzling a bit, and Alicia actually used one hand to snap pics for me and the other to hold the umbrella. So sweet!!! T_T 

What happened was, the three of us bo bian had to squeeze under one umbrella. Ok I know super predictable. But the point is, they sandwiched me completely in between them (for a good reason) when we were under the rain sharing one umbrella, because they know I don't wanna get wet. So both of them were partially drenched on their sides while me, complete dry. YES, complete dry the whole day. 

It's damn sweet please!!!
It's like when we had to run and all under the rain with one tiny umbrella, they still hug me to ensure I'm not wet fml why am I so lucky?! Thank you girls, gestures like these really melt my heart like butter. T_T ♥ 

So we managed to eat KFC curry rice bucket for lunch! Lindsay as usual, arranges EVERYTHING on the table just to take one chip picture hahaha. See her face still so smug some more!!! HAHAHA

We got extra curry!!!! :D 

Alicia loves curry hahahha. Just lure her with curry or her boyfriend can alr. 
最宝贝你了!  ♥

And not sure what we were talking about, Lindsay's face was flushing red! HAHAHA SO CUTE ONE

After that we went Orchardgateway/central and kope free meatball from Tori-Q LOL. Thank uncle, the meatball quite nice!!! 

More unphotoshopped toilet selfies hahahhaha. In case you're wondering where's Alicia, she was with her dad at that point of time!!! Yes she met her dad and we thick skin still stick around hahaha and Alicia's father damn hip la!!

So Lindsay used my phone for selfies and I didn't even notice hahahha. We spammed lots of selfies while Alicia is with her dad at the next table!

We were also taking a lot of half faced selfies and I got a shock of my life when I viewed my photo album, because it looks like this. HAHAHA

Anyway the top photo
quite funny because we kept leaning our foreheads against each other's for many times just for this picture. So people around us confirm think we siao one hahahahha 


Soon, it was late evening 
already and we headed off to MousetrapTV's office together to get some stuffs sorted with our boss. That night after the meeting, Alicia, boss and I headed to Simpang Bedok for supper! I was kinda happy but sad at the same time though. I mean because Lindsay, Alicia and I used to frequent simpang bedok together for supper in the past. But for some reason, we hardly do that anymore and I really don't know why.... Ahh shit, feeling kinda sad and heavy hearted now. I miss them so much. (': 

The Simpang Bedok selfie hahhaha 
Yup that's about all!
Let me just end off this blog post with a cute picture of my dog and the funny video that I was talking about! 

@boythefurball (his instagram) 

And yes this video was
uploaded onto my Instagram @chrysanlee HAHAHHA DAMN FUNNY LOR. Please watch it!!! It's quite hilarious to me! Anyway damn angry that I spent almost $150 just on buying necessities today... fml how to save money you tell me