Monday, 12 January 2015

My New Year Hairstyle!

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Seen my new hairstyle on my Instagram/Facebook yet? Hehe above is my new hairstyle done by my trusty hairstylists from J7IMAGE a few days ago! It's been about 2 months since I last fixed my hair and my hair was getting a bit long as well. So to start off my new year, I headed down to J7 again to get my hair done! As usual, I had no idea what Jeft (my hairstylist) was gonna do for me. :D 

Started off with a crazy comfy hair wash and head massage! ♥

I love how J7IMAGE
always provide me with such great service and hospitality every single time I visit them. Even on days where I'm just there to say hi, they would still offer me hot tea or so! It's impossible not to relax when I'm there especially when they started off by giving me a light hair wash & conditioning. 

Best part of all?
The hot towel that was placed under my neck for soothing right after the hair wash! Absolutely amazing. I was impressed by how Jian An(also one of the stylists), actually meticulously dabbed off excess water off the sides of my forehead with a dry towel after my hair wash instead of just rubbing it away. Thank you Jian An! :D ♥

A cup of hot tea is exactly what I need while getting my hair done! ♥

Right after my hair wash, Jeft immediately proceeded to cut my hair to a shorter length! 

Yay! Shorter hair now! :D 

The assistants later helped to blow dry my hair and soon, they applied the hair dye onto my hair! 

Jeft told me that
for the year of 2015, he is gonna focus on making my hair healthy, so expect more healthy looking hair coming your way for this year! Since for the past year I've been trying so many crazy colours, Jeft noticed that I've never really tried red. O_O

And yeap, he told me
he's gonna dye the top part of my hair red with dark brown as base for the rests. I was honestly shocked and worried... I've never tried red and I wasn't sure how it would turn out PLUS I'm not a fan of red hair though I've to admit, I do like the colour red.

But so far,
I've been receiving praises from my friends and family so yay!!! Jeft really never disappointed me with his works. :D After getting my hair dyed, I went off for another round of hair wash!

This round of hair wash is EVEN BETTER! ♥
One of the stylists, Jayden,
gave me a hair wash after dying my hair and whoaaaa it's freaking amazing!!!!
I absolutely LOVE the head massages he gave me, it was so soothing and relaxing I wished it lasted longer! After the thorough hair wash and head massage, Jayden placed a hot towel under my neck, on top of my head and even the side of my ears! Best. Really. 

YAY! I received the Organic hair mask treatment along with Nano Mist! :D 

In case some of you don't know,
I did the Nano Mist treatment before in the past with J7. But this time along with the Nano Mist treatment as seen above, they also applied an organic hair mask on my hair! Honestly, I'm actually considering getting a tub of organic hair mask myself as I heard it's okay even if the hair mask touches your scalp as it's natural and organic! 

To cut it short,
they used the nano mist along with the hair mask because the nano mist uses distilled water vapour which has smaller molecules and the tiny water vapour then seeps into your hair much more easier! Keeping your hair moisturised and hydrated. With that being said, it of course also helps our hair absorb the hair mask. (: 

After receiving the organic nano mist treatment, I moved on to using the o3 machine! 

Basically using the o3 steaming
machine assists the nano mist treatment to work even better! Therefore, it also enhances the results of the treatment and as cold hair is released from the o3 steamer during the last 2 minutes, it then helps to SEAL and locks the treatment into our hair. 

After my treatment,
I had the hot towel for the third time and head massage for the second time. :D 
I touched my hair right after blow drying and I was amazed by how smooth my hair was at first touch! It feels so healthy and light, and that was even before any flat ironing! 

Pictures taken on the second day:
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Thank you J7IMAGE for always giving me the best. ♥

J7IMAGE is located at: 

14 Scotts Road
#02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213
P/S: They're closed on the 7th of every month.