Saturday, 17 January 2015

The sibei good mood day

I'M IN A SUPER GOOD MOOD HAHAHHAHAHA. But guess whattttt, I only had 2 hours of sleep wtf. So the thing is, I only slept at 6am this morning and somehow woke up at 8am automatically. Totally couldn't go back to sleep and decided to go settle my dirty laundry etc HAHAHHA.

Just as when I was
about to try to go back to sleep again, my dog started barking like mad and I just had to get out of bed to see what's wrong! Then it's actually just the postman outside the door la hahaha. Ok fast forward, so basically I received a parcel and whoa I swear the moment I saw the contents inside, my heart immediately melted like butter. 

A kind accessory 
sponsor actually wrote a really sweet note for me along with the sponsored items!!!! T_T ♥
P/S: This blog post is also filled with lots of unedited pictures with no filter because I'm seriously lazy today.

I know many of you
might think that it's not a big deal but things like these actually means a lot to me. I really really appreciate it a lot and it definitely made my day! Can you imagine how happy I am? That I could actually feel so happy the entire day even though I only had 2 hours of sleep HAHAHA. 

Ok so by afternoon
I had to prepare to head off to Eunos and I was feeling nervous as fuck because I was heading for a test shoot!!! HAHAHA. It's been ages since I last modelled for an online store so obviously I was feeling super nervous la... And I was also afraid that they wouldn't want to use me after the test shoot since I don't really know how to pose plus I don't have the model-face so... yea. 

#selfie before leaving the house today! 
I think the only thing
that I was unhappy about is the sun today hahahha it was scotching hot this afternoon la!!! But like I said I was in a damn good mood and I even took a video and mass sent it to all my friends this afternoon LOL: 

The moment I reached
the studio for the shoot, I was feeling so nervous that my heart just kept pounding non stop and I was actually hoping for the shoot to end ASAP.... But to my surprise towards the end of the shoot, it kinda got better and I felt less awkward! Just lack of poses only la don't judge!!! Also the owner of the online store was shocked that my waist is only about 10.5" HAHAHA so it was quite troublesome that she have to pin everything up(the clothes) for me during the shoot! 

When the shoot ended,
I didn't really want to see the pictures.. I was afraid of how ugly I would look. I mean considering that my friends and I can take hundreds of shots just to get one pretty ootd picture, I've seen enough of how ugly I can get. But omfg my face actually looked quite okay HAHHAHA and I felt it was because I was already in a good mood to begin with! 

Usually when you're in
a good mood, your pictures tend to look soooooo much nicer! By the time I finished the shoot, it was already evening and I travelled to Bugis to meet my eldest sis for lunch and before I post any food pictures, here's a random toilet selfie: 

We had dinner at Genki sushi today! This is also the first and only meal I had today. 
For some reason
I felt really full after eating four slices of salmon sashimi and two standard sushis.
And honestly, I don't even feel hungry now. I usually eat quite a bit but I guess it's because I starved the whole day and my stomach just isn't quite ready to take in anymore food. Fml I want food. 

Of course, after dinner,
I decided to go home straight because no.1, I'm tired af. No.2, I forgotten to hang my laundry. No. 3, I wanted to blog about what I've been up to the past few days. And not sure why, I took quite a bit of selfies today! 

Walking home shag face selfie 

And now allow me
to rewind back to Wednesday! 

I remembered I woke
up pretty early on wednesday as well! That morning, I made myself strawberry honey oats with milk. Hahaha I just had to do it since I realised I finally have all the ingredients at home. I took a few shots of my breakfast wanting to post it on Instagram but I somehow just couldn't get the right filter/edit so I sent it to Alicia and... tadaa!!!!!

Thank you Alicia baby for editing this picture for me. ♥♥♥♥
I showered and
prepared right after breakfast and headed off to Somerset that day to meet Alicia! We took some pictures for each other hahhaha. Alicia was telling me how she love my pictures that day because I just look very happy in all the photos she took for me!!!! Maybe because I was also in a good mood HAHHHA. 

Wearing the top that my bro got for me from BKK recently. Thank you kor. ♥

Not all pictures we take are glam shots. HAHHHA 

Ok, you get it, that's just my OOTD that day hahhahah.
 Usually we take
up to an hour to take OOTD shots for each other but that day, we were really fast!!! Guess it was because the shots look alright, plus it was drizzling a bit so we just sped everything up in case the rain gets bigger! But in the end it didn't really rain at all. O_O 

Alicia was starving like mad
and we just quickly went to Cineleisure's graffiti cafe for lunch! I still remember how I used to frequent the graffiti cafe there with my friends in the past. Like a really long time ago hahaha. 

P/S: I finished everything, she did not even though she it was her first meal of the day! :@ 

One of my best. ♥

Not sure if you guys
noticed, but both Alicia and I coincidentally wore grey and white that day! So that evening we damn thick skin and walk up to one of the dancers at scape and ask her to help us take some pics before the sun set LOL. And the girl who took the pictures for us is damn damn nice la!!!!! She even kneeled down to take the shots for us and she took a lot too. One of the nicest strangers I've ever met!!! ♥♥

What we did when the kind girl went like, "happy shot!" HAHHAA
Anyway Alicia baby,
please don't think you look ugly in the pictures ok!!! And don't blame me for posting it up!!! Good things must share on blog LOL. OMFG RANDOM RANDOM BUT I JUST REALISED BOTH OF US RAISED OUR LEG UP IN THE ABOVE PIC?! HAHAHHAHA love this girl!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

Kkk back to topic,
I'm damn good at drifting away from the main point hahhahaha. We met my friend for awhile after taking the pictures and decided to go play Just Dance 2014. :D How many times must I say I love to play Just Dance 2014?! T_T But it's damn hard to find someone to play with me so I was damn fucking happy when Alicia said she want to try and whoa I laughed like mad the whole time!!!!!!

Ever seen anyone
who can play Just Dance 2014 until we lie on the floor and laugh? Yea that's us HAHHAHA. I enjoyed myself so so much plus it's like a fun way to exercise too and it's just damn shiok when you finish dancing for like an hour. O_O Really recommend y'all to try if you haven't!!! 

Here comes the most
ridiculous part though. We were sitting outside Cineleisure and wondering what to do next and of course we thought we should just head home since we don't have plans! Then suddenly, I said, "wa I feel like clubbing tonight leh." and Alicia went like, "omg today's ladies night!!!! let's go!!" 

It was super impromptu and since my house is near town, we went back to my place to change up, touch up our makeup, charge our phones and call more friends to join us hahahaha. We managed to call Cherie and Alicia's friends along! 

We changing up before heading to Zouk~

Ok just gonna post
the video I took that night of myself here. I mean since I took this video and send it to my friends I might as well share it with you guys too HAHAHHAHA but as you can see, I changed into something else that night!!

We met Cherie
and her friends nearby and had a few drinks. But as usual, I can't drink AT ALL. I totally can't take alcohol, I get drunk SUPER easily and it's crazy easy for me to feel uneasy and yea just drunk. I guess they didn't really know how bad of a drinker I am so they made me drink just a TINY bit, but guess what?

Within a few minutes, 
my face became red as fuck. Don't believe? Scroll down to see HAHA. 

And noooooo,
I wasn't drunk la! Just having super red face and feeling a bit high. I actually felt happier when I was with Alicia and her friends (as in before we enter zouk) because we were talking so much and they're such great company! But the moment we got into zouk, it was seriously late already and of course super squeezy so we didn't really dance or had fun at all. I feel blessed though, to have her by me that night. ♥

Alicia and I was 
alone in zouk the whole time without her friends and we only reunited with them when the club ended! What we did next? We went to eat curry peng HAHHAHAHHA. 

Curry peng and fried pig skin at 530am in the morning hahaha

One of Alicia's closest friends, Irfan! He's really a damn nice guy just saying. 
I swear we were damn
screwed the next day though. We actually planned to leave early since we had things to do in the MORNING but we ended up staying all the way till the music stopped! However, even though we were sort of in deep shit for not waking up early the next day to do our stuffs, I'm so glad I have a friend like her. Someone so spontaneous, selfless and crazy. (:

Who knew we would actually be this close?
She always go around telling people how when we first met each other in RL for the first time, I was damn hostile towards her and how I didn't pass her the damn wasabi at a sushi restaurant when she asked me politely HAHAHA. Omg so emotional I just wanna give her a hug now hahaha. 

Moving on,
I woke up really late the next day but my eyes were CRAZY PUFFY, see! :

Yes, this was of course yesterday.
My eyes whoa jialat max!!!! I would've slept till evening if not for my eldest sister who suddenly came to my place, and woke me up to accompany her and my niece (who is in fact older than me by 5 years) for dinner at Vivo! 

We had Sushi Tei that evening and whoa I love the beef!!!!!!! It's so damn good. Seriously super got feel to go for some bbq beef soon!!! :D 

My niece tried the paper hot pot. Insane! 
My niece also bought this for me that day hahahhaha super random: 

Thank you Zoey for the Mickey and Minnie! ♥
Just in case you're wondering, by status, she's considered as my niece but she's legit older than me by 5 years and we are actually quite close too! ^^ 

Ok and also starting from now,
the pictures are just random events of the past week already hahahha.

Chop seats game strong 

Tried this Vietnamese dish for the first time and it's so good. :D 

OOTD for MousetrapTV's shoot the other day! 

Thank you Jian An from J7IMAGE for coming down to the office to fix our hair that day as well! ♥♥♥♥

While waiting for my turn to shoot hehe 

Look who's turn it was! ♥

We love mirror selfies 

Constance! ♥

Hiakhiakhiak my partner in crime. ♥

We stayed at MousetrapTV's office till late that night, we ordered pizza even! 
 It was so late that night
and since my sister lives pretty nearby, I decided to stay over at her place that night! But before that, I headed to Alicia's house because her house is just right next to my sister's!! HAHAHA super coincidental. Knowing that I would be hungry the next day, Alicia even packed some croissants for me to bring over to my sister's place. T_T omfg love u. ♥♥♥♥

And yes, had croissants the next morning hahhahaha 
Ok! No more pictures already!!!!
Have to wake up early tomorrow again to check out some stuffs. It feels so good to be happy and I sincerely wish that you guys would stay happy too!!!! Love you all! ♥_♥