Monday, 19 January 2015


Hi guysssssss.
Me being random here yet again. What's new! Haha. Filmed with Wah!Banana yesterday, can't wait for the new video to be released though!!!!! ♥♥♥ I slept for only 3 hours yesterday and headed to Fish's house for filming right away. The lack of sleep didn't bother me much, I was in such a good mood the whole day while I was with them!

Wah!Banana are such
great company... They're really all very very nice & genuine people! ^^ 
But as the title suggests, I'm seriously mad like fuck right now. Ok but before I move on to why I'm pissed off, let me just post some pics from filming with the bananas yesterday. T_T 

*replay good memories*

On set! :D 

Fav Jasonkokotan! 

Don't ask me why there's a sudden change of outfit hahaha 

I'm totally fangirling over Terence ♥_♥ #justsaying HHAHAHAHA

We filmed till night yesterday, and whoa all of us were famished! Together, we bussed to feifei wanton mee. :D ♥

My set meal. :D 

Though I'm not very
close to them and how I always feel so nervous on set, they're still always so nice to me. T_T 
I love how they're so welcoming, real and even like a big family. They always making the effort to talk to me as well so I wouldn't feel left out. Even though I have no fame nor good acting skills like them, they've always remained so humble and willing to share tips with one another! They never treated me like an outsider. Thank you Wah!Banana for being so patient with me! T_T ♥ 

Since I'm always more quiet
when I'm with them, I never really got the balls to talk to Audrey at all. We finally spoke more last night and I'm so thankful for her existence omg.. *emotional* Kk honestly, I've always known that she's a super nice person but I just never knew that she's so fucking caring and encouraging only until yesterday. 

I felt so blessed
to know her more as a friend/big sister. Can't wait to see her again, no words could describe how lucky & blessed I feel. (:

So anyway I got home
that night feeling super happy, I even went to my bro's room just to tell him about how great my day was. I went to sleep right after that and as I was dozing off... a phone call came. From someone important of course. We had a huge fight over a super small issue. Crazy. Cried like shit. Night was ruined. Feeling disappointed and heart broken. I don't expect him to understand, really. I'm now ready for him to think of me in a very nasty way and it doesn't matter. 

P/S: He is not someone that I'm dating or anything. I'm not even dating anyone right now lol. 

My eyes are damn puffy/swollen as fuck now. Here it is: 

SUPER FUCKING UGLY I KNOW RIGHT. Judge all you want, because if it's me, I would probably  be judging as well hahahhaha. So yea it's actually worst now because my eyes are so swollen that my double eyelids are now missing HAHHAHA.

I am feeling a bit better.
I was too emotional yesterday hahaha. But I swear it's been damn long since I last cried to this state. Anyway random but, I actually sent that to Audrey and told her not to show anyone but ok since I posted it here now I'm cool with anyone looking at it already. I look like crap la walao (*$)(#^^&#@%*&#^$@#!!!!!!!

Whoa feel so much better after I blogged.
By the way, I miss pancakes and waffles. Or maybe some really good pastries. 

I'm probably gonna lose
some readers after posting that ugly picture of my swollen and puffy eyes. But it doesn't matter because at least I still have some people who's here still!!! Love you all and have a great great week ahead. ♥

UPDATE: Ok I'm back again because suddenly I remember I wanted to type something down but I forgot. So ok basically yesterday I told one of my friends that I quarrelled with someone else and am feeling damn bloody down but this friend of mine just didn't seem to care.

I instantly felt like a fucking idiot.
Note to self: Never ever confide in someone who only act like they give a shit about you when they obviously don't. They just think that you'll need them around etc. Truth is, you'll still do well without friends who doesn't care about you. Ok goodnight for real, rant over!

Omg, and did I also mention
that I dream of telling Xiaxue about my personal problems? LOLOL. It was so comforting lor! Only to wake up and be like, "fuck it's just a dream".