Friday, 23 January 2015

Grocery Shopping! ♥

Bought crazy amount
of stuffs from Sheng Shiong @ Commonwealth that day! 
Hahaha already planned to do grocery shopping but I was kinda worried about doing it all alone since I know I wouldn't be able to carry everything myself. So guess what?! Alandrea actually cabbed all the way from Bedok to Commonwealth just to do grocery shopping with me and help carry the heavy bags of groceries omfg. Thank you love. (': ♥ 

Ehe selfie while
heading over to Sheng Shiong to meet Alandrea. Not sure why, but I felt really happy because I was wearing a hoodie hahhahaha. It's so comfy and 'chill' I guess? Makes me feel so safe and comforted HAHAHHA. Anyway, just 5 mins into grocery shopping, half of our cart is filled with ....  

CUP NOODLES. Yes, cup noodles. Unhealthy! But convenient ma. T_T 
 Sometimes I don't really
have anything to eat at home so it's good to stock the shelves up with loads and loads of cup noodles to my convenience LOL. Also, instant noodles. /: We really got quite a bit of stuffs!

Thank you for carrying all the heavy stuffs for me, Alandrea. T_T ♥

She's the only friend of mine that'll always burn joss sticks to my late mom whenever she comes over. ♥♥ 
Our lunch! 

And for the rest of the evening, we just chatted in my room and have my dog just lay on me so comfortably as seen hahaha!

Allow me to rewind
back to a few days ago where I met Audrey and Andrew! 
They know that I have problems with meeting new people, self-esteem issues and so much more and so they actually brought me out for ice cream over at Salted Caramel. Thank you so much guys!!! Means a lot to me. (': ♥

Hahaha we had prata before ice cream! ^_^ 


Thank you, the both of you, for being there for me and listening to my problems. (':

Anyway yes, I had tomato cheese prata! :D 

Peanut butter x salted caramel ice cream that night!

We wanted waffles
along with ice cream, but not sure if it was because we were there too late that the counter person told us there's no more waffles for the night. T_T Crazy craving for waffles now and feeling a little hungry though. Gonna keep this post short and will blog again tomorrow!

Arms CRAZY sore
from rock climbing today. YEAP SO I'LL BLOG TOMORROW AND AM OFF TO EAT MY STRAWBERRIES. Goodnight!!! ♥