Sunday, 1 February 2015

Please rain.

Oh helloooooooooo!
Yes title suggests I seriously wish it's pouring outside right now. Not sure why but I feel kinda down and frustrated.. I guess I just felt a little alone...? Hahahaha. I believe I just need some soothing music, blog a bit, have some ice cream and cigarettes later and I'll be all fine again! ^^ 

But please don't
allow my slightly upsetting opening affect your mood alright!!! We might all feel a little shitty right now but it's gonna be alright at the end so smile ok!!! If not, I now allow you to laugh at my bare-faced selfie that I took earlier this afternoon HAHAHAHA. 

I actually posted this on Twitter though.
I woke up and suddenly I just felt like taking a selfie in bed so here it is. HAHAHHA judge all you want it's fineeeeee. Anyway, because I haven't been updating my blog and that I have so many things to update, I would just post all the pictures here with another mini title on top of the pics so you roughly know what I did that day!

And it's gonna start..... NOW!


Ok, so mini title above
suggests that I went rock climbing and sang k at Teo Heng hahhahahha. Your roughly know how the 'mini title' works now right? Would try to type less so you can just browse through the pics with captions!!! On a side note, I cannot believe I just started this post with a bed hair selfie. What am I thinking? What if someone sees it and immediately felt repulsive and decides to close this tab. Fml!!!

HAHA I need to stop talking shit. 
Anyway yes! Went rock climbing with Audrey, Andrew, Eden, Fish and Jazzy that evening! It's near Mountbatten MRT station if I'm not wrong! 

Ehe the pink band looks like the club entry thingy and yes we rented shoes!! 
I also found out
from Andrew (he's a certified rock climber), that we're supposed to wear shoes one size smaller than our original size so that when we step onto the 'rocks' (they aren't exactly rocks I forgot what's it called), it's firmer and hence lesser chance of having our toes bend backwards omfg. O_O 

Forgive me for the little
knowledge I have about rock climbing but believe me, I had so much fun!!!!! Learned quite a bit from Andrew and his friend, Nicholas too! ^_^ 

We also tried climbing different walls!

Selfie with Jazzy after climbing some short walls! 
I seriously perspire
like mad at the end of the day and whoa it's actually really pretty refreshing to do some form of exercise! I am a complete couch potato and I hardly EVER exercise. So it kinda feels good to perspire and sort of enjoy your 'red cheeks'. Also, I think I should start hanging there more often since sporty guys are very attractive HAHHAHAHA kidding la!!!! 

By night, we changed up
and headed off to Teo Heng and also took away some zhi char for dinner!!!! That's when more awesome people joined in the fun! :D 

Yummmm! My fried mee tai mak hahaha

Also took a selfie with a really friendly guy, Andrew! (Another Andrew haha) 
Also can I just be
thick skin and say that he's really handsome... LOL. And till this date, I've only met him once which was then. Moving on!!!!!!

We girls were left alone in the KTV room for about 2 hours cuz the guys went drinking lol. 

Had so much fun!!!! ♥♥♥
I know this may sound
very silly and ridiculous. Did you know I was actually pretty reluctant to join them for rock climbing and much less the KTV session? They are all VERY VERY nice people and so they extended their invite to me knowing that I hardly hang out with people to socialise. 

So I told my friend
about the invite the day before and was contemplating if I should because I was really afraid. I was afraid that I'm not good enough to be friends with anyone. I felt inferior mostly. Like I'm just not good enough and felt out of place. However, my friend encouraged me and she said, I've always been sucky at making new friends and I always become very nervous and therefore, I should START being confident and hang out with people.

And I did.
I heed my friend's advice for me and went ahead with rock climbing x ktv with the awesome peeps. 
They're one of the nicest people I've ever met and I'm amazed by how comfortable I've become when I'm around them. Thank you guys for the amazing night. 


So one fine afternoon, 
I'm not sure how and who texted who first, Grace and I decided to hang out again! 
Except that I said I wanted to take some pictures around my house area first then head off to run some errands as well. And since she's in school and it's nearby, she came over to my place! ^^

She watched my get dressed and put my makeup on. :D 

Selfie while she get my hair fixed!! ^_^ Thank you Grace!!!! 

How I would look like if I have centre parting now hahahha. I used to have centre parting years ago though!!! 

And tadaa! Took this picture around my house area. :D 
I really love this
internet crop top though. I wanted to tag the shop on Instagram for you guys but then I realised I totally forgotten which store I got it from... Sorry!!!! T_T Would update this space if I know! Anyway, by the time we finished taking pictures for each other around the area, we realised we don't have time to head out of the area anymore...

It was so damn last minute
that I had to head into JB, Malaysia at night and she needs to go back to school after about 1-2 hours! So we thought we would might as well just hang out at my place, make some food for ourselves and chit chat! 

We also took
TONS of selfies and I only picked a few to post!!!

Hehe random side note,
she loves my dog! In the end, we made too much food for ourselves we couldn't even finish... hahahha! Thank you Grace for travelling down and see ya soon. :D ♥ So by night time.... it's JB TIME!!! 

Changed up and took pics with daddy under my blk while waiting for my eldest sis to come pick us up hahaha 

We had seafood for supper in JB.
And at that particular place, it is known that you still can receive Singapore line and 4G to use your phone. And yep it works!!!! I could actually use my 4G even though I was in JB lol. Not sure what's the name of the place but if you know the place where they sell seafood by the sea with ultra red lights, then you know where!!! ^_^ 

Selfie with second sis. ♥♥♥ 

Super cute dog spotted by the road side upon leaving the place! ♥_♥

And though we were all planning to head home already, we decided to settle for a good 1 hour full body massage. Pure kneading, no scented oil or whatsoever. Pain like shit but shiok max HAHHAHA. 

It was late by the time we 
got home probably around 2-3 am! But my second sis and I actually stayed up and only slept around 6-7am. Right before I sleep, I actually went like, "Shit. Meeting Alandrea tomorrow morning." And so, I set my alarm at about 9am and TOTALLY MISSED IT HAHHAHAHAHAHA. Which brings me to my next mini title below! 


Yes, I was supposed
to wake up at 9am to prepare and all and meet Alandrea at Bugis for some CNY shopping. And like I mentioned, I totally missed the 9am alarm and ONLY woke up around 11.30am. Hahahha glad Alandrea wasn't hopping mad LOL. 

Since she prepared already and
have been waiting for me to wake up, she was nice enough and travelled from Bedok to Commonwealth and to my place to come accompany me while I take my time to prepare, put on my makeup and decide what to wear for the day! 

Guess what though?
Maybe because Alandrea was with me already, I didn't feel the urgency to prepare quickly and was only ready to leave the house at around 3pm. Sorry Alandrea HAHHAHAHA I love you ok!!!! ♥♥♥

Random selfie right before I board the cab. I think I'm good at it. 

Cab selfies with Alandrea!!! ♥♥♥

Went to Far East Plaza wanton mee place to have our 'breakfast' first! :D 

Had hot milk tea and it's really good. ♥

Yea spot my name 

I ended up only eating the fillet and veggies because I really didn't like how the noodles tasted! The yellow noodle taste was too strong for me. ): 
 The people there are really
very nice to us though! Wanted another bowl of soup and totally didn't charge a single cent from us. Later on I went to ask them for a packet of tissue and obviously took out money to pay but the guy there just refused to take my money!!! T_T But I still gave him the money in the end la hahhaha so I sort of rejected his kindness. #stepverygenerous Ok kidding but seriously I insisted on paying because I should even though it's just a few cents. 

That afternoon I accompanied
her to get her eyelash extensions done and headed off to Bugis for some mini shopping. We mostly bought stuffs from Bugis street, a little bit from junction and also bought some clothes for my bro at Bugis + as well! ^_^ 

Hahaha because Alandrea
was doing some shopping for her boyfriend as well, I just thought I should for my bro too. Am so glad I did it, it feels really good to give! By late night, most food places are closed already and I was even looking forward to having coco ichibanya at bugis+... but yea it was closed by then already.

So we went to Noodle Star
to have late dinner instead! This restaurant is one of the first few places Alandrea and I went to when we first hung out with each other years ago. I still remembered how back then, we both 'fought' for the bill hahhahahha. It's good, to be back at one of the few places filled with awesome memories and also with the same person. (': ♥ 

I actually finished this plate of veggies by myself because Alandrea don't eat the stalk lol. Princess much!!!! :@  
Not a pork floss person but to tofu is surprisingly good with it!!!! ♥_♥

This one, is golden. The mayo wasabi fried prawn is so damn good!!!!! :D 

We had a CRAZY filling
meal that night and headed home around 1130pm. That's also when we decided, since we didn't spend much time together today, why not, let's meet tomorrow as well? HAHHAHA. My friends and I hardly meet at all. So it's very rare of us to meet two days straight consecutively. Especially when it's a rare chance since it was coincidental that Alandrea had two off days in a row!


The next day,
we met at Bugis straight around 1230pm and the first thing we did? Complain to each other that we're hungry af HAHHAHAA. We went to get some snacks and drinks from I ♥ Taimei and headed off to get our nails done!!! 

We almost dozed off
while getting our nails done... And it sucked because both of us honestly didn't like our nails AT ALL plus we are the kind that finds it difficult to just sit still lol. Nails very ugly and disappointing. Spent like $180 on it. Honestly feel like removing it now. /: 

Crossing my fingers
hoping that a nice nail sponsor would approach me soon HAHHAHAHA. 
Anyway, we continued shopping like mad at Bugis and we spent a total of at least 1k lol. Totally regretting it now because I'm broke as fuck. Can't even do anything nowadays without money! ): 
Super frustrating. 

Alandrea's boyfriend, Eugene
joined us after that and they started to do some shopping for their moms and that's when I almost wanted to cry... I just felt if my mom was still alive, this is exactly what I would be doing for her as well. Getting her new clothes as gifts on CNY and dressing her up. Especially when my mom is such a beauty...

Ahhhhh enough of the sad stuffs!!!!!
Good news is, we managed to have coco ichibanya that night before it closes!!! 

I love the salad! ♥

My usual favourite order from coco! I love it with tomatoes added in. :D 


Just yesterday, 
I met up with my another good friend, Rahim! If you've seen my Instagram post, it is true that we hardly see each other at all and almost only meet once a year HAHHAA.

Knowing that I'm seriously 
a broke bitch from excessive unnecessary stupid spending, we decided to treat me to sushi @ Cineleisure! Thank you so much Rahim, love you so so much!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ 

Anyway the other day
Rahim just told me that we don't really have pictures together at all despite knowing each other for many years! Come to think of it, it is super true because I didn't take any selfies with him that day as well hahhaha not sure why, really!

Maybe because we were
too busy talking that we totally forgotten about our phones! 
Since we don't have a selfie together that night, I would just post this paparazzi-like picture that my friend whom happen to saw us, took:  

Rahim even treated me to movie that night!!! We watch Mortdecai and it's such a great. fucking. show. NOT KIDDING. STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU GUYS TO WATCH IT. Plus starring Johnny Depp mostly already means = good stuff. Thank you for spending the day and all the treat Rahim!!!! Love you!!! ♥♥♥♥


Finally, before I end this blog post
and smoke, I would just like to post some random pictures with captions hahhahahhaha. Bear with me!!! 

Had ice cream and supper with SP that night. Great company! (:

The amount of spices they have for the food!!!! O_O 

Best part!!!! ♥_♥

SP hiding behind our big bottle of ice lemon tea hahahha and no, we didn't finish it.  

One of my favourite dish!!! ^_^ 

Wrap this up and eat it. Such goodness!!!! 

My cute furball hehe follow him on @boythefurball on Instagram if you like! ♥

See why I nicknamed him furball? Hahahha! He's snoozing right by me now actually. So blessed to have him. (': ♥

Also dug out a random strawberry with whipped cream photo because I just wanna say I'm craving for it badly. 

In case you don't know, I recently also made my virgin attempt at making pancakes. Looks like crap but tasted alright. The maple syrup helps a lot!!!!! For those who encouraged me to make better pancakes, thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥ Whoa this suddenly reminds me of the waffle called the 'kelapa waffle'! It's damn good and I really wanna go get it soon. ):

Also got new phone cases hahahha 
Okay! That's all! Need to pee bye!!!!
Have a great weekend guys!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

I dreamt that I'm in a dream double confirming whatever memories I had in my mind was an actual memory of mine in RL. Super complicated. Basically I somehow feel that 'X' took place before.

Let's say I'm in dream, 'Y' today.
So in dream Y, I dreamt that I'm sleeping and having a dream 'Z' which is reliving the memories I had in dream Y about X. So I woke up from dream Z and started wondering in dream Y if X is a real memory of mine or simply just a dream.

I was in fucking deep thoughts in the dreams I swear.
So I finally woke up from dream Y and realised that ok I officially woke up but am still half awake and that's when I started tweeting on my Twitter today and doubting if 'X' is an actual memory of mine in RL and hence was thinking about it in both Y and Z.

I was SUPER half awake
and SUPER confused. I really had NO IDEA whether X took place or not. I was so stressed up because X is a very sick memory. So after about 30 mins or so, that's when I felt really awake already and realised what the fuck there's no way X ever happened in my life and hence I hereby conclude, X did not take place at all and it's just a sick dream.

Congratulations Chrysan. (: