Thursday, 5 February 2015

Two good days!

Am on the train
right now on the way to somewhere and I just thought I would post up pictures of filming the past two days!!!!!! Enjoy the pics and in case you can't figure who are the people in the pics, just go to my instagram cuz I tagged them the other day! 

Whoa by the way
just wanna say that the chicken wanton Mee I ordered that day after filming with Wah!Banana tastes so freaking good!!!!!! 

Okay!!! Super hard to 
blog in the train so I guess I'll stop here for now and blog more tonight! Above is just my supper that night wtf crazy sinful and unhealthy HAHAHAHAHHA. Did I mention, I accidentally left my keys hanging by my house door for 6 hours and I didn't know until my father came home? LOL. Super dangerous. Always remember to take your keys ok!!!!