Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Grumpy post. Read at your own risk!

#nowplaying - Reflections (MisterWives)
Hahahha it's a really nice song!! Kept it on replay for awhile now LOL. Gotta wake up early tomorrow to send some parcels out and.... to visit a doctor. O_O Sigh. 

Speaking of doctors,
I recently went to this hospital in JB to visit my granny (mom's mom)! Just in case you're wondering, no I'm not Malaysian but long story short, my granny is now over at the hospital in JB la! I simply cannot express how mad I felt the last time I went there.. 

Please please please don't 
take this post as a complain or anything of that sort. It isn't and I just really wanna blog about it or I'll feel super uneasy. Believe me, I really felt so upset and disappointed the last few times I visited her at the hospital. 

The hospital is fucking horrible. 
I'm sorry but it really is. But that's not the point. The point is, they're fucking racist. The people are just fucking racist. Skin colour is such a huge issue over there. Honestly speaking, I've NEVER felt this way before. I've never felt so bad about myself for being Chinese. 

But before I rant about that,
you might just wanna check out the condition of the hospital there. Of course I'm sure not all their hospitals are like that but maybe we're just unlucky?? To have my granny admitted into a hospital at this state: 


Notice the amount of litter on the floor?

Is this actually acceptable/normal for a hospital? 

I was fucking shocked when I pressed the button because it was greasy wtf lol why. So obviously I went to look for some sort of hand sanitiser somewhere but couldn't find any. But eventually did la. Just that it's not 'easily accessible'/found by anyone.

Most of their seats there in the hospital. :@ :@ :@ 

Felt like I was visiting someone in the prison. Just saying 

Sorry but I just felt like posting
her picture here. I had to wear long sleeves, long pants to cover my skin just so I would be able to visit my granny in the hospital. There was once I forgotten about that 'rule' and wore shorts instead and guess what? I wasn't allowed to visit my granny AT ALL. Just because I wasn't wearing long pants? It's ridiculous. 

Subsequently I went with
what they call, the 'appropriate' attire. Long sleeves, long pants even when it's warm af. But still, I wasn't allowed to enter. Why? Because I'm chinese and they only allow two Chinese to enter at a time. Obviously they didn't say it's because I'm Chinese, they just said only two people are allowed to visit a patient at a time.

So how do I know
it's because I'm Chinese? Because I fucking stood there for the past 30 mins and witness countless of Malays entering like 5/6 of them enter at once and NO ISSUES AT ALL. Why didn't the guard stop them like how she stopped me all the time? They just smiled, and tadaa they went in. 

I was so fucking mad I was about to cry.
I'm not even kidding. I was really, really about to cry. I never felt so indignant for my race before. I never felt so helpless and looked down upon. They only spoke to me in Malay and expected me to reply them in their language as well. 

Can you imagine how helpless I felt?
How much I wanted to see my granny but I JUST CAN'T BECAUSE I'M NOT OF THE SAME RACE? And when I tried explaining they just fucking bombard and scold me in Malay which I obviously can't understand and they kept throwing me a face that resembles a smirk and some form of authority lol. 

They just acted like they had power.

I was really shocked.
I went JB countless times for leisure and all and I've never felt so mistreated and bad before. Call me stupid but I never sensed the racism. It felt the same back in Singapore. Only until when I visit the hospital is when I realise they're all fucking racists. Why do they do that? Does it make them feel good?

They all looked at me as if
I shouldn't be there. They all walked with their heads up high and think I should be pressing the lift buttons for them or I simply just shouldn't be on the same lift lol. Or that I should wait outside till the last 10 mins of visiting hours then will they allow me to see my granny for just awhile. 

I have relatives living
there and they told me that skin colour is really an issue over there. They've no say at all. They even told me that my granny isn't receiving much care from the hospital at all just because she is Chinese. No nurses changed her diapers, no one gave her water. We had to be there to help her.

When we requested for help
from the nurses, they simply act like they acknowledged it and walked away. They didn't even come back to help or anything like that. I felt so mad, so unfair. You REALLY have NO idea how bad it was. I begged for another 10 mins to spend some time with granny and also told them the fact that I took time off and travelled here from Singapore and they just gave me a VERY KIAMPA face and replied some nonsense in Malay and chased me away. Fuck them all. 

I'm so glad that I'm living here, in Singapore.
I'm so glad that all races can live in harmony here. Really so thankful. 
Just don't fucking understand why people have to be racist to such CRAZY extend. I mean yea 0 racism is almost impossible but to such extend.. lol I would rather kill myself then live there like that. 

Ha, guess what.
My aunt just dropped my sis a message saying that the nurses there serve accordingly to skin colour. Seriously though. *@$&P(*!^#P(@*6P(@*EY(OWIHDOHWY)*&E$(!*^#@4e(^@!!!!!!!!! Aargh k ignore me I'm done

I feel like I'm so fucking angry I don't even know what I'm talking about