Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Plastic or not?

Just touched on a very
sensitive topic with my friend on the phone just seconds before I'm here typing away again. Honestly speaking, I don't feel very good after talking to him about it. I voiced out my opinion on this certain topic we were talking about but I guess his response sort of made me feel like a very... insensitive person? 

Or a very selfish one.
Anyway, I was just telling him how I once bickered with a girlfriend over the use of photoshop etc. Personally, I think it's absolutely alright to use photoshop/makeup or anything else to enhance your looks. However, that girlfriend of mine insisted that she never wanted to put on makeup etc because she wants to stay real so obviously I got mad at her. 

I mean, how does
using makeup/photo editing tools make you a 'plastic' person? Yes that's the word she used. I felt so insulted and annoyed because I know that's not true. It's like saying you should just stay naked, never trim your hair or shave so you would be all original and pure, no? So you can be 'real' and well-liked. 

So long story short, 
I relayed what happened between my girlfriend and I to my this other guy friend just now on the phone and... Yea I guess it didn't really end very well on my side. It's either I'm too damn anal about this issue or I'm just fucking insensitive. O_O 

Ok I'm feeling sooooooooo
much better after blogging! Ending this blog post with some pictures taken over at Cucina the other day! ^_^ 

Gotta wake up early
tomorrow and omfg I'm so fucking worried about something now fml.. hope it'll all be well soon!!!!