Thursday, 5 March 2015

Disney shoot with Wah!Banana!

I blogged last night as well, so you can scroll to the post below if you're very free!
Recently I did a 'disney' shoot with Wah!Banana and omfg I love it HAHAHA. I had SO MUCH fun with the casts and I love 'em costumes! ♥♥♥ Though it was ridiculously long and loose for me that I actually had to pin it hahaha.

Before I move on
blogging about filming day, you might wanna watch the video below first since it's out already!!! :D

you love the video as much as I do! The video pretty much explains everything, I'm just gonna post the pictures I took that day! Since they say picture speaks a thousand words, I am sort of comforting myself that it's okay to just post pictures and type less lol! Enjoy the pictures!!! Not gonna talk much about the 'behind-the-scenes' since bloopers of the videos would be coming out next week, same time. ^^

OOTD for filming that day. (:

Not sure if you've seen
the instavideo that I posted recently where Jason, the director of Wah!Banana actually helped to take pictures for him and he was told by me to just use the spam function on iPhone. And whoa, we spammed at least a few hundred pictures just within that few minutes!!!!! 

And it just so happens that,
he managed to captured moments of Audrey and I doing funny movements lol. Or maybe it's just me HAHAAHAHAHA OKAY JUST WATCH THE GIF BELOW AND YOU'LL GET IT!!!!! #fuckmylife #neverglam #whattodo 

 photo output_qcCveH_zps5ogjy4wu.gif
I really love this GIF though! ♥

And yes, I had to wear this blonde wig HAHAHHA

Oh hey there, Fish! :D 

We ordered McDonald's for lunch that day! ^_^ 
 That's pretty much the
only time where Lingyi & Jason (Directors of Wah!Banana) can rest while filming. T_T 



And yes, above is the
instavideo that I mentioned earlier in this post. Crazy spamming!
We were all invited to Andrew & Joanna's birthday party that night and since I ended filming with Wah!Banana around late noon, I actually went home to rest for a bit and most importantly to remove and redo my makeup for a lighter one hahaha. 

I usually put on heavier
eye makeup for filming hence... You get what I mean haha. 

Upon reaching the birthday celebration by the pool side x BBQ!!! ^^ 

I swear I regret not taking pictures of the cake before they cut it! It's matcha flavor for the top tier and salted caramel for the bottom. I was glutton enough to try both HAHA. 

After all the BBQ,
birthday celebration and me awkwardly trying very hard to socialise or not get noticed, some of us went to Third & Sixth Bistro Bar! Thank you guys for inviting me! T_T ♥ I hate that I'm just not good at this. How I'm not good at socialising and being confident. I promise I'll work on that. I want to feel better about myself and feel comfortable around people too. ): Kk rants aside!!!!

Norbs and Fish!! :D 

Was so glad when Norbin came
because he's one of the nicest people around!!! Super understanding and caring. I feel so safe around the people I know and without them I just instantly become this girl who doesn't even speak or answer questions in a real awkward way. Or someone would just think I'm so damn anti-social/arrogant that I don't wanna speak to them. But it's not true!!!! I just get nervous easily, especially during gatherings or with people that I've never met before. 

Picture with sweet Anna and birthday boy, Andrew!!! :D 

I have to say Andrew is really
such a great person. If I can, I would thank him over and over again for giving me motivational talks with Audrey all the time. I love them both so much. T_T Regret not taking a picture with Joanna though!!! She's so so so so nice to me and that was actually the first time I met her! 

Cannot be more thankful
for all the wonderful people I have in my life. (': ♥