Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mini catchup with Alicia @ Kith Cafe! ♥

I know this is totally not related to the blog post's title but hahahhahaha I've been snap chatting quite a bit recently!!! Started using it only 2 days ago and still don't quite get it, but I have to say I'm DEFINITELY having so so so so so much fun with it!!!! Add me on snapchat @chrysanlee if you want to!

Anyway, so I was
photoshopping pictures and ready to blog here and then suddenly I just came across this photo that Alicia took of me when I was posing for my OOTD that day hahahahha FUCK MY LIFE IT'S SO HILARIOUS AND UGLY! So naturally, I decided to share the fun and snapchat it. :p

I saved the video
so you can view what I snap chatted below! I added it into my story, you can view it on my snapchat as well. (: 

Ok get over the lame
video above and let's move on! Alicia and I used to meet really often like probably once every 2 days. Many times, it's because we meet to take OOTDs for each other and as time passes, she got busier with her work and we were't able to meet as often anymore. But that doesn't mean it would affect our friendship & bond at all! As much as how busy she really is from Mon-Fri and weekends for her boyfriend every week, she still took time off her work to meet me last week!

As usual, I woke up late LOL HAHAHA.
But for some reason I almost always reach earlier than her because of where we stay etc.
We usually meet at town (which is really near my place) if we haven't decide on where to go. So that day, I told her I wanted to go to cafes and listed down a few for her to pick! We picked the one closest to us, the Kith Cafe. (:

Snapped a pic on our way there from Somserset!
It was so great to see her!
We started blabbering non-stop the moment we saw each other and I instantly felt like we were the noisiest customers when we reached the cafe. We decided to sit outdoors & reason being? No.1, we thought they allowed smoking outside. No.2, better sunlight = better pictures. No.3, seems to suit our style more to sit outdoors and talk crap HAHA.

I ordered strawberry milkshake while Alicia got the vanilla one! Believe me, I think I took at least 6 shots just for this and I had to tip-toe! These are just the things we do hahaha. 
On a side note,
I really feel very excited to blog today and I've no idea why. Maybe it's because it's been more than a week since I've done so and I just can't stop singing random lyrics while blogging, it's so weird HAHAHA. Or maybe, it's because I'm blogging about the day I spent with a really nice girl. (:

The usual standard
cafe-shot that you must take when you visit one. Or maybe it's just me HAHAHA. I was really elated when I saw the pictures that Alicia took for me because apparently, at the above angle, I finally have obvious chin HAHAHA meaning I get to photoshop less and lie to myself that, ok, I actually also have chio angle hiak3 LOL.

Just kidding, just look at these:

HAHAHAHHA so naturally,
I took pictures of Alicia too! I swear I took so many, and I always do. It's my habit to use the sports mode on my DSLR camera, to spam as many shots as I can, which means I would have a much higher chance of snapping the nicer moments. But because of this, Alicia HATES that I always take pictures of her. Why?

Because higher chances of
chio pictures = higher chances of ugly pictures HAHAHAHHAA. And I always manage to capture VERY VERY funny shots of her. Not gonna be the bad guy today so I post pretty pics of you today ok Alicia. 

Or maybe, I am still the bad guy. 

Have I mention before how
I can't really take flat lay pictures because I'm not tall enough? And I absolutely hate that I can't really do it because I love flat lay shots. Once, I told Alicia about this when she was taking a flat lay shot of her food at IKEA and then she just went, "OH YEA HAHAHHAHAHA BECAUSE YOU SHORT HAHAHHAHA" 

So unfair right?
How tall people just naturally take their flat lay shots so effortlessly. People like me? I have to just take flat lays by estimating and I can't even properly see what exactly I'm taking. I will never be able to tell if it's straight or crooked etc. Such a pain in the ass LOL. 

What you see is what we ordered.
I'm not sure if it's because we just kept chatting or so, but we couldn't finish the food. Not even our own pasta. Or is it just huge serving? Neither of us ate that day. O_O P/S: The truffle fries are really good though. P/P/S: Alicia actually even wanted to order a pizza to share HAHAHA.

Anyway, thank you Alicia,
my precious little ball of gem that fell from heaven for the treat. ♥♥♥♥ 

It's pretty predictable what we did next
after lots of updating from the both of us at Kith Cafe. 
Yeap, OOTD time. We always have trouble looking for 'nice' OOTD locations and it sort of bugs me like where the hell do the rest of Singaporeans find their locations?! 

Anyhow, Alicia brought me
to SAM (Singapore Art Museum) to take our OOTD shots and for some reason, it was so fucking warm that day that it almost caused me to be in a black mood. Almost. Like it's not very sunny at all and nearing evening time, but it was just CRAZY STUFFY and HUMID! EEKS. ): 

we stayed there for a really really long time taking tons of pictures for each other and also taking pictures together despite the very disgusting weather lol. Though we are close, I noticed we don't really take much selfies together at all and that day, we spammed so many on both our phones! 

Fun fact: I forcefully smiled just for the odd 100+ shots and only picked a few out to keep in the end hahahha. 
I was so mad at
the weather and just randomly settled for this background lol. I didn't even bother exploring SAM though I believe there are much nicer backgrounds around it. So thankful that Alicia is always so patient with me, I love you so much, please get that in your head. T_T ♥♥♥

Sorry I can't be bothered
to photoshop some of the pictures so brace yourselves. HAHAHA.

Ending this post with a very glam picture of me below. Thank you. 

Come to think of it,
I'm always so emotionally attached to my friends that whenever it's time to leave their side, they can instantly tell that I'm no longer in a very good mood. People like her, would often put in effort and try to make my day better by doing all the little things and it makes me so happy. (:

I truly appreciate all the
little things that people do just to make my day less 'harsh'. Feeling lucky and it's a good day! Can't wait for Wah!Banana's video to be out tomorrow anddddddd SNAPCHAT PEOPLE SNAPCHAT!