Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hello, you.

Hey thereeeeeee~
Hahaha, am listening to some of Ciuffi Rossi's covers right now and I really love 'em! I only came across their short covers yesterday and it saddens me that they don't do full covers!!! ): I wish they would sing the whole song when they do the covers in the future. T_T

Just last night, I was
complaining to my sister about how I need some new songs lol. My playlist is getting boring.. Nice acoustic songs anybody? Please let me know on my Ask.FM if you have any nice songs to recommend ok!!! HAHAHA.

I feel like I cannot continue
blogging right now cuz my mind is thinking about food, food, food and still FOOD. I'm not even sure if I'm gonna have dinner later or not. Sometimes I skip my meals because either there's no one to have dinner together with or there's not much food at home that I would love to cook lol. Ok let me just quickly blog about the past few days and decide if I should eat later!!!! ^^

Saturday, 7/3/15

I woke up really early
that morning to catch the short film that my team mates and I made back then when we were learning film making with Jteam. We had our short film screened at Golden Mile and thought it'd be great if we could all meet up again like how we used to do so!

Hahaha yea, you get it.
It's a reunion gathering! ^^ It's really hard for all of us to turn up for a gathering because we all have our own work to do. We have a housewife/PA, father-to-be, students, lion-dancer, Wah!Banana's Director (yes we used to be team mates) and much more. So it's really rare for everyone to be free! Except for me la of course, I'm free all the time lol. That kinda make me feel useless sometimes.

Anyhow, we headed off
to Bugis Junction, Tony Pizza for lunch right after we watched all the short films that were screened at Golden Mile as well! Oh yes and we decided to have pizza that day cuz I was telling them I dreamt that I had pizza that morning and was really pissed because it wasn't real etc etc etc.

Ok let's just take a moment
and allow me to explain explicitly what happened in the dream that I had that morning.
I dreamt that I was craving pizza and I was with Alicia. So I told Alicia I wanted pizza and she went to get some. She returned awhile later and I was so mad at her because I wanted a WHOLE pizza not pizza in slices. Cuz she only brought back 4 slices of pizza for the both of us to share and I was so bloody mad HAHHAHA and then I made her return back to JB (I don't know why she had to travel to JB to get pizza for me.) to get my pizza.

BUT THEN, I was afraid
she might get the order wrong again so I decided to follow her and we took a train to JB. On our way there, I suddenly told her, eh I think we just eat these 4 slices la. No need whole pizza already. LOL the dream is roughly like that and I woke up after that. Lame ok move on HAHHAHA.

Strawberry Lemonade! Crazy sour, I went to get mineral water in the end lol. 

Chicken salad damn nice!!!!!! Am in fact REALLY craving for some right now. 

We ordered like 2 of these and pfft we only finished 1/4 of it?! ONE single slice of pizza is huge enough to fill my stomach omfg. We totally overestimated. 

The crazy generous amount of mozzarella cheese. ♥_

With Chrisline! The location manager back then when we were making our short film. (:

On the right is Summer, the Assistant Director! They also helped out in some of the Jack Neo movies! ^^

Hehe the entire team! 
Like I said, they are all
very busy people and so we left shortly after that. It was probably around 3 plus noon then. I headed home, took a one hour power nap and woke up feeling SOOOOOO crazy nervous and filled with anxiety that I can't explain. You know how sometimes you're really exhausted and dozed off for awhile and wake up feeling really insecure and in shock, sort of? Sigh. I hate that feeling. I used to get that a lot and it sucks. I could feel my heart thumping crazy fast and I was suddenly feeling at a lost of what to even do.

Then I realised, ok I should
just stop walking around my bedroom and start preparing for Cinderella's movie premier already! Thank you so much for inviting us(Wah!Banana) to the movie premier, Makerstudio/Disney! To be honest, I was still feeling very insecure when I was leaving the house and all. Something just didn't seem right!

Brought a blazer along in case I get cold in the cinemas lol. It was a cocktail party x fashion show x movie premier!

Selfie with NOC!! ^^ 

Legit Cinderella's glass shoes on display outside the premier! 

Where we collect our passes hahaha 

Food and drinks were served
but we decided to head to the food court and the shoppes lol. I had dim sum!!! :D

In the cinemas @ The Shoppes with Jason again!!! ^^ 
We got a relatively good seat
because it's directly in the middle of the cinemas! We saw Patricia Mok sitting a row behind us that night hahaha. I was spazzing like mad la cuz she's like one of the most legendary artistes ever. I really like her! ^^

The movie? CRAZY GOOD.
I honestly wasn't expecting a good movie, I'm so sorry. But I now take back my words and I regret thinking that the movie wouldn't be fantastic. I was really shocked at how Disney nicely portrayed the original Cinderella story and yet, it's not a tad bit boring at all. Love it! Great work, Disney! :D

I took my chance ok!!!!! Fish and Jason took pictures with her too and I must seize the opportunity HHAHAHAA. Thank you Pat Mok for the picture!!! 

FUCKING STARSTRUCK! ♥_♥ I LOVE ZOE TAY SO MUCH AND I SAW HER AFTER THE MOVIE AND REALIZED SHE ATTENDED THE PREMIER AS WELL FML. I STILL FEEL SO SO SO SO FUCKING HAPPY TILL TODAY YAY. I told my sis before that I would only run up to two people for photos. 1. Zoe Tay and 2. Xiaxue hahahhaa. Please allow me to share my happiness here ya. Hahahaha ok fml I must really learn how to contain my happiness.
It was pretty late
when everything ended. If I didn't remember wrongly, it was about nearing 11 at night! I went home to change up and had waffles with my friend at Salted Caramel around midnight hahahha. Yummy!

Waffles x Salted caramel ice cream x caramel biscuit and maple syrup!! ♥_

Not sure why but my friend's choice of food always look more appealing than mine. 

Sunday, 8/3/15

Yes! Sunday!
I've tried Little Pancakes but never Strictly. That afternoon, my friend suggested to have Strictly Pancakes and I agreed right away though I'm not a pancake-person. But I have to try it since it's so popular!!

Again, my friend's pancakes look wayyyyyy better than mine. Tasted better as well lol. Maybe I'm just not good at this. 

Indian food for supper! I LOVE THE COIN PRATA IT'S DAMN NICE!!! T_T Must order that next time and omfg I'm craving for some really good cheese naan!!!!!! Really wanna have it ASAP. O_O Or some sick tomato cheese prata fml. 
Monday, 9/03/15

I was out the whole of Monday. Great companion as well. (:
I was a little sad, not that anyone could tell. But it was my mom's 5th death anniversary and I miss her so dearly. Thinking about it right now pains me to the core and... Sometimes I just really need a hug. Or someone to tell me it's okay. But at the same time I know it's of no use, because it's a repetitive process. The same shitty feeling will come back again whenever I think about it.

Tears are slowly
welling up my eyes and my chest feels tighter now. I miss you, mom.

She's really really beautiful. (:

Ahh, moving on.
It seems as if I've been trying a lot of new stuffs recently huh? That day, I tried Punggol Nasi Lemak for the first time! WHOA, CRAZY GOOD CAN??? Luncheon meat, eggplant, fried fillet and so much more omfg I love it!!!! How come I'm craving everything I type?! STARVING LIKE MAD NOW AND I NEED IT HAHAHAHHAHA.

Anyway, I also saw my ex there that night hahaha.
Am cool with it, but I don't like receiving stares. It's like receiving unnecessary attention and it makes me feel uneasy! On a happier note, I watched '12 Golden Ducks' at NEX earlier on that night and it's just really funny! Not much of a plot, pretty short movie and doesn't require much thinking. Most importantly, it's lame af and it's fucking hilarious.

Tuesday, 10/3/15

Hah! Tuesday! I love and hate that day.
I realized I lost my makeup pouch that morning, which I presume I must've left it in the washroom when I was touching up my makeup at NEX the day before! I was really really upset, I had most of my 'important' makeup inside and sigh it kills me to think about the amount of money I have to spend to recover most of it. I tried to think positively, like how at least I have spare makeup at home and how everything would be new when I buy 'em again.

While dwelling on it,
I had macdonalds and whoa I was so mad at myself because I actually ordered wrongly LOL. Never mind that, I went home to prepare and headed off to NUS for a short filming with Wah!Banana.

Hehe guess the next character that I'm playing! 

Filming was REALLY QUICK.
Like less than an hour! I went home after the filming and had plenty of time to waste before meeting my friend in the evening for Maki-San at The Cathay! ^^

Changed up, still using the spare makeup but felt so much better that evening! 

I have to say I'm really thankful
for all the great people around me. My friend passed me something when we were waiting for our Maki-San and it is truly a very very pleasant surprise. No words could describe the joy I felt when I saw what he gave me. I'm truly very lucky and blessed. Thank you so so much. If I could do anything to make his days better at all, I would. Someone like him deserves to be treated well by the people around him.

After dinner at Maki-San,
we decided to have some fun and headed off to Cineleisure's E2MAX but it was closed already! We made our way to SCAPE's playnation but it was closed as well. For someone like me, I rejected his suggestion to play pool and bowling. Though I'm timid, we eventually decided to go for GMAX at Clarke Quay. Fuck, one of the best rides ever.

Look, I died immediately LOL. 

In case you don't know what GMAX is,
please go google or YouTube it! I only paid $20 for the footage of my friend and I on the GMAX ride. It was recorded using a GoPro and you decide whether or not you wanna buy the video which comes in a USB-wristband-form. It's really amazing to be able to keep the footage! That way, you can watch it over and over again and laugh at your friend's hilarious reaction when you plunge in the air LOL.

That's what I did.
My friend and I kept replaying the video and it's crazy hilarious. I thought about posting it here but I assume my friend wouldn't like it so yea haha.

Sat by the river side and I truly enjoyed myself that Tuesday night. Can't be more thankful enough. (: 

Wednesday, 11/3/15

Hmm yesterday? Not much!
I had Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice for lunch and I love the baby Kailan that my friend and I ordered! I snap chatted it though!!!!

Had dinner at IKEA with my sister! Thank you for the treat! 

My eldest sister also joined us and she brought baby Jayzel (my niece) along!!! 

And according to my snapchat,
I walked my dog last night hahaha.

Today, Thursday, 12/3/15

Thursday? Bloopers of the previous video
is now out on the Wah!Banana's YouTube channel! ^^ Check it out if you like to!
I packed my room today and haven't had a single bite of food. I'm really hungry now and...... meh. Shan't talk about it! I sometimes question myself. O_O