Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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Honestly not in a very good mood these few days but thinking about all the nice people I'm blessed with in my life makes me feel so so lucky! Like bitch, why're you even upset? You're lucky enough. HAHAHA. Of course, to also have nice people like you guys, encouraging me on social media from time to time really means a lot to me. So before I start talking about my hair, I would just like to say Thank You to everyone of you! (': ♥

P/S: I also have a little giveaway for you guys at the end of this post. Hope you'd like it!!

Ok moving on!!!!
I finally got my hair done at J7IMAGE with Alicia the other day! And omfg. I. LOVE. THE. RESULTS. O_O COME I SHOW YOU FIRST HAHAHAHA.

I'm really liking my new hair!!! ♥_♥ Thank you so so much J7IMAGE, I seriously love it!

It's funny how
I'm always impressed and in love with what J7 do to my hair all the time. It only gets better and they never fail to surprise me! My hairstylist, Jeft, would always take my words into consideration. The other day when I reached the salon, all I told him was:

"Hi Jeft, I just want something natural.
Something to cover up my roots to make it look
fresh & neat. I wanna cover up the red from my
previous hairstyle and also keep my current hair
length. Oh! Actually I think I've been wanting to try
dark purple for quite some time now.
But I don't wanna look ahlian ok?"

As usual, J7IMAGE served
both Alicia and I with my favourite hot tea and snacks the moment we sat down. On a side note, I cannot forget how Alicia kept asking for more snacks HAHAHAHA glutton much b!!!! I think I've mentioned countless times on how friendly & approachable all the stylists there are. They treat us so well. (':

I cannot emphasise how important it is to get your hair trimmed every month or at least every 2 months. It really makes a huge difference! 

The head massages they provide and the hot towel they put underneath my neck while getting my hair treatment is definitely my all time favourite. It's insanely good!! ♥

Come to think of it, I honestly did not
know what's in for me since Jeft would usually surprise me with a new hairdo as he's always the one doing the planning & managing of my hair. I never once requested for a particular hair colour or anything like that. Except that this time, I merely mentioned that I might wanna try dark purple and it was only after a few minutes when the colour of the dye started to show on my hair that I realised, ok this shit is real. Purple it is then HAHAHA.

Not to mention, Jeft was kind enough to apply the organic hair tonic on my scalp right after the hair wash & treatment! It helps in hair growth, strengthens the hair roots and also keeps the scalp healthy. (: 

At this point I was like, omg omg omg faster blow-dry and show me my new hair already HAHHAHAHA.

Ok why should I even 'tadaa' when you guys seen the end results at the start of the post already HAHAHHA ok la just let me be excited a bit ok!!!! I really love my current hairstyle. I love how my hairstylist managed to make me look 'decent' even though purple is considered as a crazy colour.

Most importantly,
 the purple is on a softer note and blends in very well with the black, which also managed to cover up the reds & all the other faded parts from my previous hairdo! On the other hand, I noticed that dark purple tend to look less visible when you have a whole head of it? I believe that's the reason why Jeft chose to keep the black. First, to ensure that I don't look like a ahlian and second, black serves as the contrasting colour to dark purple as well. 

Just to explain myself,
there's nothing wrong with looking like a ahlian and it's all very subjective when it comes to what makes one. I just get a lot of the, 'eh you look like a ahlian' whenever I try the bright colours and I don't fancy it that's all!


Thank you J7IMAGE & Jeft
for always being so meticulous when it comes to handling my hair and being attentive to my likes & dislikes. It's been over a year now that they've been managing my hair and I simply cannot be more thankful for their existence. If you have the time, you can always take a look at how horrible my hair was before I started going to J7 and you'll be utterly shocked.

I used to suffer from
really bad hair and they were so so brittle & broke easily. It was dry, extremely frizzy and untamed. Discolouration and bad split-ends. I just didn't know how to take care of my hair and improve the condition of it back then. Not only did I learn quite a number of tips from them, I'm also lucky enough to have Jeft to always work on a new hairdo for me. :D

Yes Giveaway time!!!!! ♥_♥
I believe the above description is clear enough for you guys! Basically I'll be sending out 27 vouchers to you guys via email! Please join this giveaway if you're interested in getting your hair done over at J7IMAGE. If you don't join I'll be damn paiseh la!!!! HAHAHA.

Feel free to email me
if you've any questions to ask and also if you're in doubt about how to join the giveaway or how your Instagram post should look like. For your convenience sake, I attached an example of the giveaway entry below:

Example of how your giveaway entry should look like. And yes, my dog has his own Instagram account HAHAHHA.

J7IMAGE is located at:

14 Scotts Road
#02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213
P/S: They're closed on the 7th of every month.
Quote 'Chrysan Lee' for more discounts! Total cost of this hairdo: $234

Follow them on Instagram @j7image and like their Facebook page HERE.

Ok!!! Am ending this happy
blog post with a happy picture & video of us at J7IMAGE that day!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK AHEAD GUYS! ♥