Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Frozen Flowers. ♥


HAHAHA oh god it's 9 in the morning now and I was actually feeling extremely restless the whole of last night! It was only a few minutes ago that I start to feel perked up because blogging, is one of my favourite activity of all time. However, I truly feel that blogging is only enjoyable when you've freedom of speech and most importantly, genuine. So anyhow, have you guys ever received frozen flowers?? Because I just did, from JXKL! ♥

Yes I'm not fucking kidding!!!
When JXKL first came to me, I was still wondering what exactly is it that they sell? Anybody who goes to their website would immediately know that they sell necklaces. So you may ask, what's the big deal? The big deal is I've NEVER, EVER, heard of frozen flowers that are placed in transparent bullets to be sold as necklaces. O_O

 (If you know about them already, just pretend that you don't know and read on. At least for the discount code!)

Truth to be told, the concept
of frozen flowers is actually pretty new to me and I'm getting excited to tell you guys more about it HAHAHA. But first, take a look at my very own bullet necklace from the Eternity series by JXKL:

Super pretty and attention-seeking, no?!
Okay maybe attention-seeking is the wrong word, but you cannot deny that it is unique and exquisite as hell. Before receiving these beauties from JXKL, I was actually wondering if it would even catch my attention because I'm not very into accessories plus I don't know how to appreciate 'artsy' stuffs. Moreover, I don't really have a thing for.... 'plants'? LOL so sorry for being crude.

I really thought
it would just be a pretty regular kind of accessory and I didn't think much about it until I received the package in real life. I opened it up and I was first shocked at how nicely & professionally packed it was. And when I saw it, I told myself, no amount of pictures will ever do justice to how beautiful and captivating it looks in real life.

Come to think of it,
 I could still remember the scene in my head. I take it out of it's box everyday just to look at it for a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes when I'm alone in my room. It kinda looked like this:

 photo bloggif_5547fe2207947_zpsyapwaoe6.gif

The white is 'Roselight' while the black is 'Rougenight'. ♥

JXKL currently uses the
latest frosting technology that 'preserves' real flowers and yet retaining it's natural exquisite form. What's more surprising to me is that, the flower inside the bullet can actually still bloom in a dry & cold environment and close when it's moist & warm! I have no idea how it works, but it definitely is interesting.

I believe that it is because
of the way these flowers were preserved, that they actually come with a very powerful message to whoever that receives it from their loved ones. Since it's a frozen flower in a bullet, it actually represents everlasting love that will never wither... Suddenly, this is making me a little emotional. How great would it be, to receive this from your loved ones? Or to even gift it to people whom you love? It doesn't have to be a special occasion to get gifts for people isn't it? (':

It is so well handcrafted
that it is no wonder why some of the bloggers are wearing it now as well. (I went to search that's why HAHHA) Anyway, I have to say that I initially felt $54.90 was a super ridiculous price for a necklace until I start to learn more about these fine pieces and I instantly hated myself for purchasing a $40 necklace in the past that broke within a few days.

People say, what you pay is what you get.
一分钱一分货。I do agree to a certain extend but it is still important to know what you're paying for and why it's worth your money. So if you ever want to purchase the bullet necklaces, I would at least like to share with you WHY I think it's worth paying. For the very efficient JXKL team, good craftsmanship, the appearance of the item, the fact that it is trendy & reputable, quality of item and it's durability. I can come up with more points, but I think these are the important few that people should know.

Before I get to
how to take care of your very own unique bullet necklace, scroll down and look at how I styled Rougenight and Roselight in two different outfits! :D

How I style Roselight: 

How I styled Rougenight:

As you can see, your bullet necklace would come along with a care card. :D ♥

The bullet necklaces
are very versatile in my opinion. It goes well with a variety of outfits and style. Not to mention, it is also unisex!!! I noticed that it actually looks very good on guys when I was going through their Instagram account though!

For more information,
you can always visit JXKL at www.whynotspeakup.com or follow them on Instagram @whynotspeakup. Btw, their Instagram pictures are DAMN NICE HAHAHA. Ok!!! I'm ending this blog post with a discount code exclusively for you guys below! :D

 photo output_UEe0lf_zpsgjmbbd8u.gif
Quote, 'CHRYSAN10' for a 10% OFF when you shop with JXKL at www.whynotspeakup.com! ♥

Yes, don't forget to quote!
Save some money at least hahahha. I would really like to thank JXKL for this wonderful opportunity to work together and I have to confess that I really love your necklaces and the concept/meaning behind it. Once again, thank you JXKL and of course you people for reading this so ever patiently!!! ♥♥♥