Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Yay! Shiny nails! ♥

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Yay!!!! Shiny nails by @shiningnails! :D
First of all, I have to apologise. I have to apologise to Shining for heading to her home salon with absolutely no idea what I wanna do to my nails, for the second time HAHA. But that's why she never fail to surprise me with a beautiful set of nails!!! Pretty nails makes us girls all happy, admit it! However, I didn't really snap much pictures of my nails this time (which I totally regret) so just in case, you might wanna see what she did to my nails the previous time which I LOVE. Click HERE to view if you wanna see pretty pastel galaxy nails!

ALSO, I have a promotion at the end of this blog post! ♥

TADAA! Shiny nails, by @shiningnails! ♥

Since I didn't know
what kind of nails I want, I just told Shining that I wanted something shiny or maybe holographic! In general, just BLING HAHA. By the way, both Alicia and I share the same nail sponsor and hers looks great as well!!!! Ok sorry for digressing, so very quickly, Shining did all the basic work on my nails first, which is to keep my nails groomed, yay!

This IS my absolute favourite step of the classic gelish manicure. It feels soooooo comfortable! ♥

Shining uses high quality gelish manicure set so don't worry about the UV lights hurting your skin because it won't! :D 

Being over at Shining's
home salon always makes me so happy. I love the environment, all pastel, girly and crazy comfy! I remembered how when I first got my nails done by her, she even allowed me to plug in my own set of favourite music onto her speakers! PLUS, Shining is more than just a very nice lady. She's also a certified manicurist that does crazy chio nails and is very professional as well! :D ♥

Shining told me that the design on my middle finger are actually called 'Sugar nails' and I absolutely love it! It looks SOOOOO much better in real life, really shiny with a hue of pink and I love it's texture too! 

I wish I had taken more pictures of them all! ): 

Although, you wouldn't be able to tell here but my fourth finger is actually holographic-like and iridescent in real life! Looks super pretty when seen from different angles and amazes me all the time! I was so fascinated when she painted that unique shade! :D 

All in all, I'm definitely satisfied with Shining's work.
Thank you, Shining, for always being so meticulous and accurate when it comes to handling of our nails and designs!!! Can't wait for my next appointment with her already!!!! For more information, you may refer to her Instagram page @shiningnails.

And as promised, there's an ongoing
promotion over @shiningnails! Quote my name, to receive Classic Gelish Manicure at $30 instead of the usual $35! Promotion only valid till end of October'15 only. Faster get your appointment fixed with Shining at, 8339 8640! ♥